Reasons For Killing Mahatma Gandhi

Clip_32During the trial justice Khosla had allowed Nathuram Godse the killer of Gandhi to read his own confession in the court.

However the Indian government had banned the confession of Nathuram.

Nathuram had given 150 reasons for killing Gandhi. Some of which are as follows:

1. In 1919 people of India wanted General Dyer to be tried for the Massacre of innocent people at Jalianwalla Baugh.

Gandhi refused to support this demand.

2. Whole of India wanted Gandhi to intervene and save Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev from the gallows.

Gandhi stubbornly refused on the grounds that they were misguided freedom fighters, and theirs was an act of  violence.

3. On 6th May 1946 on public platform, Gandhi asked Hindus to sacrifice and not fight the members of Muslim League.

In Kerala Muslim league members killed over 1500 Hindus and converted 2000  to Islam. Instead of protesting Gandhi expressed that it was a brave act of Allah’s followers.

4. On several occasions Gandhi called Shivaji, Maha Rana pratap and Guru Govind Singh as misguided nationalists.

5. Gandhi advised Raja Harisingh of Kashmir to abdicate as Kashmir had Muslim majority ,and settle down in Kashi. On the other hand he supported the Nizam (Osman Ali Khan) of Hyderabad to join Pakistan, even though the state of Hyderabad (Andhra , Telangana, Karnataka and Berar) had Hundu majority.

Sardar Vallabh bhai Patel however over ruled Gandhi.

When Nehru heard of Patel’s police action in Hyderabad (operation POLO) he disconnected his telephone with Patel.

6. In 1931 the Congress Committee on designing of Indian flag suggested that the flag be only in saffron. Gandhi insisted changed it to a tri-colour flag.

7. During the Tripura Congress , Subhash Chandra Bose was elected as president with majority. However Gandhi supported Pattabhai Sitaramayya forcing Bose to resign.

8. On 15th June 1947 during congress conclave it was decided to resist the partition of India but Gandhi went to the meeting at the last minute and supported the partition. Infact it was Gandhi who had declared earlier that partition will take place only over my dead body.

9. Sardar Patel was elected by majority as the first Prime Minister but Gandhi insisted on Nehru.

10. Nehru government had decided to reconstruct Somnath Mandir at its cost but Gandhi without even being a member of the ministry forced the Govt. to reject this proposal. At the same time on 13th January 1948 he went on a fast to allow Muslims to repair the mosque in Delhi at govt’s cost.

11. When Hindus refugees returned to India after partition, some of them took shelter  in some mosques temporarily. When Muslims objected ,Gandhi forced all such Hindus children, ladies and the old to leave the mosque and live on the streets.

12. In October 1947 Pakistan attacked Kashmir, Gandhi went on a fast and forced the Indian Government to pay Pakistan a compensation of Rs.55 crore. Gandhi did not mind hurting Hindu feelings to win over the Indian Muslims.

Nathuram Godse and Narayan Apte were hanged on 15th November 1949 in the Ambala Jail in Punjab.

23 Responses

  1. Hi, failed to see the 150 reasons of the psychopath-maniac killer Godse, as the author of the post had claimed (is this deliberate-intentional)

    Coming from the followers and supporters of RSSS(Raashtriya Swayam Sevak Sangh), these posts based upon ‘elective-selective deceit and hypocrisy’ only smacks of a ‘toxic-venomous’ attempt to a brain washing propaganda.

    If RSS was so patriotic-nationalist, why did it never, never took part in any of the anti imperial-capitalist-colonial struggle (please show one with proper and verified facts based upon the true records) not some RSS ‘bragging boasting trumpet beating propaganda’.

    It was RSS and its Sarsanghchalak, in 1938 book ‘We Our Nationhood Defined’ first propagated partitioning the subcontinent, why is M. K. Gandhi electively-selectively blamed.

    If Jawahar Lal Nehru was so vile as these hypocrite RSS claims, why did their so called Sanghchalak ‘wiggle and lick’ Jawahar Lal Nehrus feet (for lifting the ban on RSS after M. K. Gandhi’s assassination by RSS psychopath maniac killer lunatics).

    Be a Hindoo but please please never be a ‘hypocrite liar’ like the supporters and sympathizers of RSS.
    Why claiming and writing this because true and complete information-knowledge only empowers you against lying hypocrisy.

    Challenging the author to a proper debate based upon true facts and facts alone.

    With undying hate for hypocrisy.

    • gandhi gave muslims too much leeway..

      • Greetings Aryan Blood,

        Though Adolf Hitler the leader of the NAZI would have laughed to death if he heard an Indian claiming to be Aryan (in his book ‘Mein Kampf’ did he not hold conceited contempt for Indians as bastard mixed bred half castes).

        Anyway, please specify with true and reliable documentary information and evidence to hypo critic claim of RSS of M. K. Gandhi giving too much to the subcontinental Muslims.

        Am eager to learn the truth.

        With Warm Regards for the ‘fake/false’ Aryan Bloods.

    • If you or Your family could face the situation happened in 1947 then probably you would be not under this kind of underimpression. Out of 150 reasons 90% reasons are true.Don’t write in that mush of high end language since very diffult to understand.Please read “charitra of Raja Shiv Chatrapati & then make such valgour comments . After all getting all the benefits from mother India the people like you is supporting all anti-hindu community.We don’t fear to call us as “Hindu”. I think that your not Hindu beacuse those people can called Hindu who fought & rebelled against all the rapist , lutarro people ran away to Pak.

      I hate your comment.

      • U hate the true and genuine comments made, based upon facts and facts alone because u r a ‘parochial parasitic hypocrite’.

        With Regards and no Malice/Malafide..

  2. Brahmins are supposed to be of Aryan descent dude…that’s why the name. Chill out..

    Well the way I see it, before the time of Gandhi Muslims lived in harmony with Hindus. There were no quarrels and we fought together. Nevertheless, they were in minority. And when you have a minority they do not like to be suppressed and want more and more. So when they get the chance they will do their best to seize it. So when they asked for something, Gandhi would always think about how to accomodate Muslim wishes rather than just saying ‘no'(something a Vallabhai Patel would’ve done)…so in this regard, he was good for Muslims and bad for Hindus..

    • Greetings,

      Differing on the claims u r making in your statement/sentence, i would like to assert that no proper ‘Biological-Genetic’ science based research has proved that Indians or the so called ‘exploitative-dominating’ caste of Brahmins (priestly class) or the Kshatriya (warrior class) of India can claim to be pure Aryan/Caucasian/Nordic descent.

      Of course there may be have some minute amount of mixture, raising this ‘bastard mixed bred half castes (claiming to be Aryans/Caucasians/Nordics).

      Moreover still you have not provided any particular/specific instance of M. K. Gandhi unduly/unjustly favouring the Muslims over the Hindoo’s??

      Still awaiting a proper and true facts based argument..

      • I’m not talking about Aryan ethnicity..I’m talking about the Sanskrit meaning of Aryan(noble)

        I don’t have any evidence..but do you have evidence that deny the above 12 points..?

      • Greetings,

        This meaning of Aryan or noble/learned is just a foolish/shrewd way of beating one’s own dysfunctional drum/trumpet (whatever instrument u love to beat, beat it).

        But to me this absolutely unacceptable- One can never be the judge of oneself, for humans by inborn/innate character and nature are-exploitative, partial, biased, discriminatory, dis-balanced.

        Therefore let time and circumstances be the unbiased and neutral judge and judge us through our good work and deeds. Beating the dysfunctional drum/trumpet does not help an iota.

        For your second and last contention if you do not have an information and evidence on which you can rely and refer and still character assassinated a dead person, it smacks of a imbalanced-guilty-pervert-distorted-hypocrite mind (followers of RSS show this in plenty).

        Please provide proper and reliable evidence in support of our claims, otherwise why and how do u expect to make the false and deceitful claims to stand??

      • I still don’t understand how my Internet name has anything to do with my argument. To say that the meaning of Aryan as defined in Sanskrit. is “foolish” makes no sense to me. You’re arguing against the meaning of a word in a language? Clearly you are just some small kid sitting behind your computer talking like some enlightened sage.

        As for evidence, the fact that Gandhi supported a faggot like Nehru to be the first Prime Minister of India is evidence enough for his desire of wanting a unified State with Muslims.Why didn’t he elect Vallabhai Patel? Thing is I feel that Gandhi was bad for Hindus and supported Muslims. Why did he want to let you Muslims live in India? He should’ve just told them all to take a hike and go to the rathole that is Pakistan(as Vallabhai Patel wanted to do)

      • Greetings,

        A very good and valid point, now let me clarify!!
        your online/Internet name smacks of an ethnic-cultural-lingual-racial arrogance-

        1. Because the invading/interloper Aryans came and destroyed the true subcontinental culture and civilisation, or the Indus Valley Civilisation.

        2. Enslaving and colonising the real ‘son of the soil’ of this subcontinent, whom the exploting-dominating Hindoos have termed as ‘Ashoor/Rakhshaas’ in the past and now as ‘Shudra/Dalits’.

        3. The Aryans are the creator of an inhumane and savage custom of casteism, which in the name of Vedic religion is a toxic-venomous blot.

        4. For the custom of casteism is based upon an ‘Economic-Cultural-Political-Religious-Social’ exploitative system having no basis on ethical-moral humanitarian grounds.

        5. When Adolf Hitler and his pervert NAZI’s were hell bent on ethno-racial cleansing after world conquest, these so called fake Indian Aryans supported him (RSS, Hindoo Mahasabha). Before condemning ‘Apartheid’ in Republic of South Africa, the dominating-exploiting Indian Hindoo’s must genuinely self analyse and self judge themselves.

        It is a complement when u refer this author as ‘sage’, Of course ‘an enlightened sage’ is sitting in this side of the internet, because of his undying hatred for ‘ elective-selective deceit and hypocrisy’.

        Replying to your next point why M. K. Gandhi did not support Patel in place and instead of Jawaharlal Nehru, because he was very well aware of the ‘Guujjoo’ Bourgeois-Baaniaa character and trait that Patel had always shown, shrewd and slimy without any ethical-moral principle.

        to your ‘genuinely imbecile-Moronic’ contention of Muslims going to Pakistan as was wished by Patel is so practical and reasonable, then Jammu and Kashmir having 80% Muslim population does not belong to India at any cost.

        Please have an open-practical-free-logical and reasonable mind free from all parochial hypocrisies and vices..

      • Who the hell are you to talk about truth.
        You do not have guts to reveal your true name. and have guts comments without stating identity.

      • Mr who ever you are you are, this article is on Gandhi not on Arian. And nobody asked you meaning of Arian. if you want to discuss on Arian get out from this. And do U have evidence on anything ? or you are just babbling.

  3. By Aryan, I mean “noble” btw. Arya = noble

  4. Mohamed ali fathim Khán

    • Greetigs,
      Who is this Moohammad Aa`li Faathim Khaan (tried to be different).

      Is it the pseudonym used by Godse and Apte while assassinating M. K. Gandhi??

      After getting caught say we are Muslims who have assassinated M. K. Gandhi, create more toxic-venomous an atmosphere/environment.
      Create more hatred. Create more polarisation. Create more fodder for riots. Create more situation for ‘genocide’.

      RSS had always bee the toxic-venomous deceitful hypocrite, boot licking the imperial-western-colonial-capitalist British.

      Parochialism-Communalism is the first refuge of the worst type of ‘scoundrels’

      • Do you think yourself a smart individual who have nothing better to do but sit and just type long letters

        It’s seems like you are coward like mr Gandhi who wants to zip the lips and watch the show of freedom fighters lose their lives

        There are good values from Gandhi but some philosophy had ruined the country

  5. Atleast I am smart enough to fight against hypocrtitc parochialism, for Parochialism is the last refuge of the ‘worst scoundrels’…like u.

  6. Jaisriram.The same worest polacy is being follwed by congress n other kuhana secularists now also.The need of the hour is Hindu unity to check these morale less politics.

    • Greetings Venkateswarlu Vabilisetty,

      Of course Hindu unity is needed, but not under the ‘parochial-hypocritic-pseudo patriot/nationalist’ organisation like BJP/RSS, because according to them and their deceitful ideology/philosophy- u r not a Hindu, because…because your mother language is not Hindi and as a result u have not descended from the Aryans but from the ‘Rakshash Daasas’.

      Have some self esteem and respect and pee on the face of these ‘parochial’ bastards.

  7. Am i the only one who sees here a signature of the Nehru brand of politics.

    Question is who poisoned Godse. There was only one ambitious for glory

    • Greetings Priyesh,

      Telling the facts and truth, unmasking the ugly-hypocritic face of the ‘pseudo patriot and nationalist’ leaders and their respective organisation can be anything Indian Congress based Nehruvian politics!!.

      The leaders and the parties who are flying the high flag of patriotism/nationalism today were and are the ‘ lackey-stooges’ of imperial-colonial-capitalist British rulers.

      It includes Hindoo Mahasabha, Rshtriya Swayam Sevak Sangh. It is my open and direct challenge to these so called hypocritic pseudo patriot/nationalists and their offspring, let them show one movement where they have taken an anti imperial-colonial-capitalist stand against the British?? Of course every claim must be based upon true and reliable facts/evidences, and no self glorifying false drum and trumpet beating.

      After the British left all of a sudden on very fine morning, these organisations and their leaders like S. P . Mukerjee, V. D. Savarker comes out of their bed decking the patriotic-nationalistic garb.

      Long Live Deceit and Hypocrisy.

      Nathuram was hanged for atleast he was an iota honest enough to let out the poison, after being brain washed by leaders like Savarkar.

      A poor and misguided man, used by the hypocritic vested interests.

      Let the Truth and Only the Truth Come Out.

  8. Hi, its Prasad, I am not able to read all the reasons so will you please do me a favour.? Please mail me all this on my id mentioned below.
    mail id-

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