Please go through these points and clear your minds about certain misconceptions about the independence and fair play of this so called brilliant news channel – GEO… Some of the points brought home are very pertinent. There are a lot of people who are not happy about Pakistan’s strengths and about their unique and strategic place in the world. So it is not a question of who is in power and who is not. Every few years this country will be destabilized, shaken and new leadership brought in. Even if that leadership is good for Pakistan. Anytime the ‘Masters’ notice a change where the country’s interest is taken care of, and conflicts with their own, the game will begin and the country shaken and uprooted. Otherwise who in their right mind would accept leaders who have already earned the wrath of the people of Pakistan by their corrupt and selfish ways. Would they then again allow such unscrupulous and proven ‘corrupt leaders’ to return to take over the leadership of the country? Come on Pakistanis wake up and stand up for your country after seeing through the fog of disinformation being given to you…. Now consider the following:

“Are you aware that GEO… it’s being funded by government of USA? just think what the Jew /Indian/ American lobby want… the basic idea is to promote frustration and despondence in a nation. They start to demoralize and destabilize the nation by projecting in the minds of 50 percent illiterate population… who are born Muslims, but cannot read, but can of course ‘see’.

Why on earth is USA so concerned with only GEO, CNN and BBC? Bush has been quoting GEO? Why are individual TV channels in China, Japan, India, Saudi Arabia, and France not quoted? Why only one Pakistani TV channel??????? Why did GEO show peoples’ bodies without heads, only finger parts, and people dying after the bomb blast? Does any other channel show these gory things?

Just think… in India more than 2000 Muslims were killed in Gujarat in three months!!!! Did you see a 36 hours live coverage of these killings? Has any one seen this on ZEE or Star or Sony such hideous incidents… do you see them in any Indian channel????

Babri Masjid was destroyed by Hindu zealots…. was there any live coverage of the happening???? Christian missionaries in Orissa and Nuns in Tamil  Nadu were burnt alive in a church, which kept burning for the next 6 hours. Did any Indian channel or CNN or BBC show that???? In France, 700 cars were burnt in one day… yet there was no coverage of the incident. There were 89 separatist movements in India in 2007 …from Assam to Bihar to Kashmir… Did you see on any Indian channel showing 250 million people sleeping on footpath????? Zee India never showed killing of Kashmiris and the attack on GOLDEN TEMPLE, killing of Sikhs? Or did they?

How many Israeli channels show killing of Palestinians by Israeli soldiers?????

Have you ever seen Indian president or politician being verbally abused on TV channels during a live coverage???? Remember Mr. Kamran Khan…he had the audacity and courage to do exactly that…how?

There are 30,000 rape cases in USA… do you see them on their TV and are they made an international issue???? But you see Mukhtaran meet the human rights activist all over the west and who promotes these stories? Well our erstwhile GEO alongwith CNN and BBC do, it is of course expected from the later two

Why is GEO not concerned with the wealth and illegal property Benazir has amassed all over the world… conservatively amounting to $1.4 billion dollars?? And what about the Nawaz Sharif’s property and wealth? Are they all his bought legally??

WHO is GEO????

Just think… GEO telecasted false news about emergency being promulgated earlier, and caused the stock market to crash in Pakistan…

Do you know Kamran Khan was getting Rs 25 lac per month? Do you know Dr. Shahid Masood, was a member of NSF student party (a political left wing student party against Pakistan and Islamic forces… gets  Rs 22 lac per month with homes in Dubai and Karachi? Same amount is being paid to Hamid Mir, Editor of “Ausaf”……Nadia Khan gets Rs 6 lacs per month… Such huge amount, just for free????

When they were not able to broadcast 8-hour cricket match, they said they lost 1 billion rupees. But just imagine, without any money… just for free they  broadcasted the activities of the judges in Peoples Party cars for free. They also covered Benazir and Nawaz sheriff’s long programs for free…many as long as 36 hour coverage just for free????? And by a mere private channel!!!!!!???

50 percent Indian dramas are telecasted by GEO, and another 25 percent with a mixed cast of Indian and Pakistani actors), and by showing Indian films. Movie like ‘Khuda key liyaeh’ an issue of religion, so that people can play with Islam and its culture was telecasted by GEO. Mr. Amir Liaqat of Alim online while sitting in a grave dramatized Islam. He translated the dua of imam Kaba and broadcast his own name on TV… Audience: 50% jahil people of Pakistan

GEO has never shown or talked about the achievements that Pakistan or its government made in the preceding years. Were there none? They are far better than the corrupt policies of Benazir and even Nawaz Sharif. Why? Do they not wish to show any good news for the people of Pakistan like opening of the Islamabad- Peshawar motorway. Instead they were bent upon showing the dead people in Karachi… they never discuss our reserves or the establishment of a 5.1 billion dollar oil refinery in Pakistan. Instead they show the beheading of Pakistanis… Have they ever discussed why America is so keen to have Musharaf shed his uniform????/Why is USA always interfering in our business!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Itna jhoot bolo, k log sumjhen kuch to succh ho ga …

Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) said…BuddGumaanee nahi karna chahiyeh… and he also said that for a Muslim it is a lie if he states without any enquiry/investigation

A COUNTRY where 50 percent of population cannot read and has never been to school, the media must not be free…”