Genetics and energy to warm you up or to cool you down
Far away from the public eye, scientists and so-called scientists are busy carrying out all sorts of genetic experiments. On plants, animals and also on people.
Some experiments may be justified, but a lot of them are just carried out for pure commercial purposes. What else would be the aim of the patents taken on genes?
So as to grant companies the monopoly on a certain identification – invention is not the appropriate word. Allowing them to commercialize it.
Genes are not invented. They exist through Nature. But, of course, we know that Nature is not duly respected either. It has resulted in global warming and in many other disasters.
We should not forget that a lot of diseases and other ailments have been caused by man himself. Pollution is affecting us in ways that are not always visible.
Human genes belong to the heritage of mankind and genetic identifications should therefore benefit the whole of mankind. Also in less developed countries.
Our present overmaterialistic money-gathering system (called capitalism) is aimed at turning inventions and even genetic identifications into the biggest profits possible. This system is endangering the most important capital ever: humanity and mankind.
Furthermore, genetic manipulation is too risky to leave it to scientists or other people that are merely or exclusively driven by commercial considerations. Commerce and greed have contributed to putting Nature out of balance. Commerce and greed will through genetic manipulation totally unbalance mankind. Irreparably.
More respect for Nature and more respect for people will have far more positive effects on mankind and on planet Earth. It would lead to a source of energy that warms you up or cools you down depending on the circumstances. Nature still has a lot of surprises in store for us.
Moreover, do scientists have full knowledgde of the impact of the manipulation of one gene on the intricate and interacting system of all genes combined?
Genetic manipulation and commerce do not go together. Genes, mankind and Nature are simply too precious.