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February 20, 2008  The Honourable Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry Dear Chief Justice Chaudhry, I have been very distressed at my inability to get through to you since the beginning of the Pakistan judicial crisis. We have been able to contact Justice Jillani, Justice Rabbani, Justice Khosa and Justice Alam and I hope you may know from one of them of our attempts to be supportive and helpful to you. I was only today put in touch with Athar Minallah and it is through his kindness that I am able to send this message.   In addition to our other efforts to influence the restoration of the proper judiciary of Pakistan, we have created a special Award of Honour for you and your colleagues who so nobly and unselfishly exhibited great judicial valour in upholding the Constitution. We have also prepared a small leaflet on our perception of the damage to democracy done by your and your colleagues’ removal from the Bench and we are planning to circulate that to all the members of the new Parliament next week along with an appeal for them to restore the judiciary. We also will give notification of our Award of Honour to you and the respect in which you are held internationally.   Please let me know of anything else we can do to be of support. We are very happy that you and your family are well.  Please give my warmest best wishes to your wife. You have both endured so much.   Sincerely,   Sandra E. Oxner