Dear Mr Kamran Khan

The line of questioning with Justice Tariq on Thursday ( 6/03/08) night program of Kamran Khan confirms that Geo or Jung Group is now toeing the line of a Establishment controlled by a Dictator.

Instead of making an issue that Why US Ambassadors or other US administration representative are interfering in the affairs of the elected Government making in Pakistan where people had gave verdict against Musharaf, Mr. Khan is questioning the Lawyers community tactics to remind new Parliament about their promises made to People by ignoring the fact that pressure groups has a important role in sustaining the Democracy. Pressure groups exist in all modern pluralist democracies and have sprung up on all sides. Independent media is another pressure group which should fairly represents the sentiments of the people.

You are requested to survey and represent the sentiments of the masses and don’t distort the re-awakening movement that society has been bestowed by the grace of Allah after many year of apathy. By supporting a Dictator, directly or indirectly, to become appointed agent of US or Israel over the elected representative of Islamic Republic of Pakistan, you will committing grave injustice to the sacrifices of the million of Peoples of t the sub-continent who had endowed their life and properties since 1857.

I hope this advice may stir your soul to the right path.