A leading democracy activist Min Ko Naing, who is being held in Rangoon¹s notorious Insein Prison. He is suffering from a serious eye infection and may go blind because he is being denied medical treatment. It is reported that his eye condition has deteriorated to the point that he is unable to sleep or eat because of the pain the infection has caused.
Min Ko Naing has been in prison since August last year. He was arrested for
leading protests in Rangoon. The protests triggered the biggest
demonstrations in Burma since the 1988 uprising, but were brutally crushed
by the dictatorship. We will never know how many were killed during the
regime¹s brutal crackdown. Today, the situation in Burma remains as severe
as ever. Arrests continue and torture is routine. Political prisoners are
singled out for brutal treatment, including the denial of medical treatment.
Min Ko Naing is a leading democracy activist and one of the most famous
student leaders from the 1988 uprising. He was arrested in 1989 and spent
more than 16 years in prison. He was severely tortured and held in solitary
confinement for most of his sentence. He was released in 2004 and despite
constant threats and harassment by the regime, he has continued to campaign for freedom and democracy in Burma.
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Anna Roberts
The Burma Campaign UK

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