Many commodity prices are going up. Yet, poverty remains a scourge in less developed countries.
A lot of producers – especially in less developed countries – are complaining about the low price they get for their products. Consumers in developed countries are complaining about increasing prices for virtually all products.
Something seems to be distorted or unbalanced here.
Why are prices going up? Who is behind it? Are raw materials becoming scarcer? Are production costs higher?
It might well be the case. Yet, we suspect the way our economy is organized is the real reason.
Large international groups often have a near monopoly. Producers have no alternative but to sell to them. Large financial groups control more and more companies. Both these international conglomerates and financial groups want to maximize profits to be able to pay nice dividends and huge wages to their insatiable shareholders and managers.
Some of these groups have enough financial power to make or break companies. And to make workers, producers and consumers suffer.
Costs have to be reduced to the maximum, including the price paid to the producers. Some producers even get nothing but a subsistence price.
Prices have to be taken to the maximum. Every time a bit higher. Consumers often have to bleed to pay for the follies of the economic lordships.
This is utterly unfair. But what else can be expected when humanity in the people behind it all has been squeezed out under the weight of “financial considerations”? Solidarity is not in their vocabulary. Selfishness, greed and money are written in bold, though.
A growing economy is reputed to be a necessity. But growing in this unfair way is anything but progress. It is utterly a blasphemy to humanity.
the land of peace and humanity