clip_3Sangla Hill: February 17, 2009. Five Muslim men dragged one teenage Christian girl to their compound and gang raped her in broad daylight amid her cries while Muslim elders of neighborhood passed by smiling.

13 years Christian girl came out of home to dump trash but on the way Mohammad Kako and Mohammad Kala kidnapped her and forcibly on gunpoint pushed her to their compound in Muslim neighborhood. There were three more Muslim men present and they gang raped her.

The family members of teenage Christian girl kept looking for girl whole day but when they were passing by home of Kako Mohammad they heard screaming of their daughter.

Muslim rapists fled away by firing shots in air when they heard knocks at door and parents of victim girl took their girl to home.

The news of gang raped spread among Christian community who gathered in house of victim girl. Mr. Sohtra, a local Christian attorney approached the magistrate for medical examination of victim where doctors confirmed this brutal rape.

Sangla Hill is same city in province of Punjab where Christian schools, hostel and Church were burnt by Muslim mob few years back.

The UK Pakistani Christian Community have lodged strong protest and pressed upon Chief Minister of Punjab and Federal Minority Minister to arrest the culprits. Ex-Lord Mayor Mr. James Shera, Chaudry Aslam Bhatti, Tariq Chaudry and Salman Akhtar Bhatti have condemn the incident.