Imran Khan Urges UK PM To Take Legal Actions Against Altaf

slide0011_image057May 7, 2009

Mr. Gordon Brown
Prime Minister of Britain
10 Downing Street
London, UK

Dear Mr. Prime Minister:

I want to urgently bring to your attention the activities of a British citizen, Mr. Altaf Hussain, who was granted this status after he fled from Pakistan as a fugitive from justice. At the time of his arrival in London, he was facing 234 registered criminal cases against him, including 44 murder charges and 18 torture charges.

His party, the MQM, is controlled by Mr. Hussain in mafia-style, with his word being the law. Detractors face the ultimate punishment – death – carried out through the private armed force maintained at his Karachi barricaded headquarters known as Nine Zero.

On Mr. Hussain’s order, his party was involved in the 12th May 2007
carnage in Karachi where 48 people were killed and 200 sustained
bullet wounds, including 10 workers belonging to my party, Pakistan
Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI). You can refer to your Karachi Consulate’s
report on this incident. The MQM then went on to physically disrupt
court hearings of this incident.

Most recently, and at a time when the MQM is a coalition partner in
the [PPPP] federal and provincial [Sindh] governments, Mr. Hussain
(sitting in London) sought to incite ethnic violence and vigilantism
by calling on his supporters to arm themselves and fight
“talibanisation” – a label he tried to put on the 2 million Pushtun
workers of Karachi. As a result, 36 people were killed over two days
of violence. When the Sindh Inspector General of Police implicated the MQM in his inquiry, they demanded his immediate removal.

In 2007, on two occasions, the Federal Court of Canada ruled that the MQM met the legal definition of a terrorist organisation and its
members could not be given political asylum. In addition, the U.S.
State Department website describes the MQM as a “violent

Considering that the British government has arrested people on mere
suspicion in the Heathrow case and the recent Pakistani students’
case, it is shocking to find that no investigation has been conducted
into the activities of Mr. Hussain despite his public criminal record
in Pakistan. Or does the loss of Pakistani lives through acts of
terrorism incited by a British national hold no relevancy for the
British government?

It is this duality of standards which is losing the U.S. and Britain
the war for hearts and minds in Pakistan and thereby undermining their efforts to combat terrorism. Now that your government has identified a list of persona-non-grata, I sincerely hope you will hold an urgent inquiry into Mr. Hussain’s activities in Pakistan in the light of British laws on terrorism.

Yours Sincerely,


Imran Khan
Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI)
Lahore, Pakistan

9 Responses

  1. Imran Bhae Aapne Sahat ka khyal karlen plz

  2. Hey, let me give you some idea, pour some kerosene oil over your damn heads and torch it, this is the best you could do.

  3. Wow, nice justice you guyz are doing, my detailed “response” is missing which was posted last night, so it means you guyz are biggest hypocrite.

    OK, If Imran Khan, was a man of justice ever, he would have helped Javed Miandad help to achieve his goals as the Indians did with Sunil Gavaskar who with the help of Indian Cricket Board “wasted” a lot of Test Matches so Sunil Gavaskar can make his centuries.

    Those are Kafir, and we are Muslims, we could have done better, didn’t we???
    By the way, ask Imran how long he is gonna take to reach 33 degree in Freemasonry, as his former father-in-law is a top notch freemason in UK.

  4. Please don;t forget to delete it!!!!!

  5. I am of the opinion that instead of abusing Mr.Imran Khan for all acts,we should suggest him to behave gently and if he has any remark for anybody,must use selective words.

    This is very easy to blame others instead of blaming ourselves.Atleast Altaf Bhai,is doing something if not everything for a better cause which is not accepted by a mass of Feudal Lords, Choudhry’s,badera’s and activists.

    The Government is helping them because Mr.Zardai,cannot use a single word which will harm his own companian.The people of Pakistan are dying,not getting proper food,are not able to provide education to their children and other Lords are passing their times with enough facilities.

    There is o comprision between Middle Class,Upper Class and poor has become more poor and crushed.

  6. I think Imran khan should also have mentioned that his former Father-in-Law was a Master of 33 degree in Freemason and that he also is just some steps behind following his ex-father-out-law.

    Please Imran stop following the ISI-Nawaz lines and have some sense, trying arm-wrestling with MQM means:

    1) You are working on sombody’s agenda
    2) You are trying to raise your stake and your ratings in Pak politics
    3) You are trying to say that you hate the People of Karachi
    4) and that you are basically a racist who lineage comes from the fore-fathers who hated Bengalis
    5) You are polluting the minds of “Punjabis”
    6) You are “taking” an internal matter of this country to another country
    7) You are embarassing your own people
    8) You are disrespecting the “vote-bank” of the people of Karachi
    9) You are trying to turn the attention of the people of Pakistan to some petty-matters instead of following the main issues
    10) You are ‘crushing’ the harmony of the people of this country

  7. Here’s to IMMU:

    If you are really in love with this country bring back (by using your influence) Short-cut Aziz who made millions by selling KESC and PTCL, the most money making organizations in Pakistan.

    If you love this country, Bring back to Pakistan the Biharis who are authentic citizens of Pakistan and are stranded in Bangladesh where they are not even considered 2nd class citizens and are living a life of animals.

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