Haji Jalal of the MQM, two of his sons Usman Jalal, & Abdullah Jalal, and a passer-by Adnan Sohail, while the injured were Ahad and Raja who were admitted with critical injuries on 8th July 2009, within the limits of Landhi police station.

Jalal was elected a counsellor of Landhi 4 in 1987. He had been detained in Central Jail Karachi for several years in the case of Major Kaleem and was close ally of Altaf Hussain. 

Who killed him? Why MQM did not protest as they normally do and no senior leader attended his funeral?

He died with lots of secrets with him.

When Azeem Ahmed Tariq Chairman of the MQM was killed in his house, it was Mustafa Kamal current ‘mayor’ Nazim of Karachi who opened the door for the killers’. Azeem Ahemd Tariq use to call him ‘nephew’. Well there are many mafia style skeletons in the MQM’s closet.

MQM terrorists and criminals who were charged and convicted in Major Kaleem case were Altaf Hussain, Saleem Shahzad, Dr Imran Farooq with Rs 50 Laks head money, Aftab Ahmed, Ashfaq Chief, Javed Kazmi and Haji Jalal. The rest are Yousuf, Nadeem Ayubi, Ayub Shah, Ismail alias Sitara is town nazim in Karachi, Ashraf Zaidi in USA, Sajid Azad, Asghar Chacha Rehan Zaidi and Safdar Baqri.

On February 5, 1998 Advocate-General Shaukat Zubedi asked for a re-trial before a competent court, but the court didn’t agree with his contention and acquitted the appellants. Sind High Court acquitted them because the prosecution seemingly did not puruse the matter. 

If prosecution doesn’t pursue the case under ‘political pressures’, defence is going to win but that does not mean justice has been done.

The incident happened on June 20, 1991 and the FIR of the incident was lodged on June 24. The accused in the case had been charged with kidnapping the army officers and torturing them. Trial before STA Court No. 3, began before judge Ghazanfar Ali Shah in March 1993 and the judgment was delivered on June 9, 1994 when Altaf Hussain was in London and not in Pakistan.

Major Kaleem and three other Pakistan Army officers were patrolling the Landhi area in civilian clothes in an army jeep when about 20-armed terrorists took them hostage after seizing their weapons. The army men were taken to a place called White House in Landhi a torture cell where they were tortured and kept for seven hours. They were rescued when the police reached the place.

It was Altaf Hussain who issued a memo to his workers saying,” if there was war between Indian and Pakistan, MQM workers will be remain neutral”.

Dr Shahid Qureshi is award winning journalist and writer on foreign policy & security based in London