On Jan 2, 2010, a woman, Sakina, along with her lover and sister, Zarina, in Kasur poisoned her husband to death on Chunian Road near Gulshani Iqbal Scheme in Allahabad police precincts.

Police recovered body of Muhammad Ashraf, a police constable. Reports said accused Sakina and her sister Zarina were paramedics at the private hospital of Dr Akbar. Sakina developed relations with Dr Akbar.

Sakina’s husband Muhammad Ashraf asked her to discontinue the job but she did not do so. Ashraf of Sabzar police was missing for the last one month and a case had been registered.

After checking cell call record of Ramzan, an employee of the hospital, the police arrested him. Ramzan told the police that about a month back, Zarina rang up Ashraf from his cell phone and called him at the hospital.

Sakina, Zarina and Dr Akbar then poisoned Ashraf to death and buried him in fields on Allahabad-Chunian Road. Police have registered a case, arrested Ramzan and Dr. Akbar and are raiding for the arrest of Sakina and Zarina.