An 8 Year Old Girl Raped by a Mosque Imam

An eight years old girl, Miss N (real name withheld), who is the daughter of Meer Muhammud, from Golrachi Village, in the Badin District of Sindh Province has been raped by a religious leader in the mosque. Her Quran teacher, Imam Khameesa, someone who is also a local mosque leader, reportedly raped her on 25 October.

The unfortunate incident occurred inside the madressah of the mosque, when, at around 2 p.m., the mosque leader Imam Khameesa let off other pupils and asked Miss N to stay back. When the other children left, Khameesa allegedly raped the hapless child.

N was so scared that she didn’t tell anyone about the incident. After two days, as she continued to bleed, and upon being probed by her mother, N revealed the details of crime she had been subject to. Her father immediately took her to the Civil Hospital Badin, where the medico-legal report confirmed rape.

Fortunately, upon complaint to the police, Imam Khameesa was immediately arrested. According to the victims’ father, the local police are cooperating with him and have also registered an FIR against the rapist.

Sodomy and rape inside mosques and religious seminaries are increasingly being reported. The cases, however, generally go unreported, particularly in the cases of sodomy. As parents jealously guard their daughters and do not allow them to go outside the house, sexual predators find boys an easy target.

About 50% of the population is living below the poverty line in Pakistan. Many parents in Pakistan are unable to afford the fees of even government schools, resulting in 25 million children out of school, according to official figures. Many of these out of school children are sent to madressahs for religious education; many of these children are not safe from being sexually exploited.

Children in Pakistan form the most vulnerable faction of the society. Pakistan perhaps is the only nation in the world that is actively denying a majority of its future generations the right to health, education and dignity. Around 90% of the 170,000 street children in Pakistan are subjected to the sex trade, and it is estimated that only 20% of sexual abuse cases are reported. Though Article 25 (3) of the Constitution mandates the Federal government to make special provisions to protect the rights of women and children, this group is left vulnerable.

The sheer number of victims is shocking. Many of the victims are underage boys who later became perpetrators themselves.

Punjab police data shows that in the first six months of 2015, 577 sodomy and 45 hurt cases were reported in the Province alone. It has also been reported that 239 children were kidnapped, while 10 children were abducted for ransom during the same period. As many cases go unreported, for fear of family dishonour, the number is the tip of the iceberg

Being a conservative and sexually repressed society, many parents feel uncomfortable discussing sexual abuse with children. Resultantly, these children become victims of sexual exploitation unknowingly. The perpetrators thus easily abuse children, taking advantage of their naivety. Besides improving laws and empowering authorities to put a check on child abuse, the capacity building of parents and teachers is also equally important so awareness can spread amongst society and as a result children can be protected.

Father Rapes His Own Daughter

clip_24A 16-year girl Naseema S was raped by her own father simply because she refused to get married to a boy whom he wanted her to marry.

The police refused to register a FIR and she had to file a petition in the Islamabad High Court where the police was ordered to register the FIR.

Naseema says that she was raped for two days by her father Liaqat Ali and then tortured her when she said that she would tell somebody. Her brother took her out of home when it appeared that she may be murdered by the father who is mason by profession in Islamabad.

P PandeyGirl Gang Raped in Sargodha: Her Own Narration

I am an innocent girl who lives in Mohallah Chananpura, Tehsil Sillanwali, District Sargodha. I was gang raped at the house of Safia Bibi wife of Muhammad Aslam.

The victim was invited for the recitation of the Quran by Safia and Bakht Bhari. Once she reached the house, she was given some drug in a cold drink.

The victim went to sleep. When she woke up, she found herself naked, in the presence of three unknown men. They had raped her.

Everybody present there was laughing. They had made a movie of her body without clothes.

Safia and Bakht asked the victim as to whether she had enjoyed those moments. The victim cried.

The victim has not reported the matter to the police to save her honor. She has also not told her parents. She is scared that the culprits may put her naked movie on the internet.

Apparently, Safia and Bakht have made a business of supplying innocent girls to men using the same tactic.

Sindh Taraqipasand Party Workers Gang Rape a 13-Year Old

Clip_9Miss Fauzia Khaskheli, 13 years old, daughter of Mukhtar Khaskheli, resident of TandoAllahyar, Sindh, was abducted and gang raped on May 29, 2014, during an entire night by six notorious criminals who are wanted by the police in more than 30 cases and they have been given head money from government of Sindh for their arrests – dead or alive.

The place of gang rape incident was not far away from the A Section police station Tando Allahyar but her cries did not attract the police attention. Next day in early morning she was thrown near the Railway line at NasarpurPhatak.

The girl was in dilapidated conditioned which infuriated villagers who have protested outside the police station. There were more than 200 people there,but police officials at the A Section police station have been more concerned about the perpetrators as they belong to a nationalist cum political party, the Sindh Taraqipasand Party (STP).

The SHO Sohail Mirza filed the First Information Report (FIR) under sections of 376 (B)-364 (B)-324-and 337 of Pakistan Penal Code, the sections on gang rape, forcibly kidnapping, attempt to murder, and causing hurt. The medical report confirmed gang rape.

In the meantime the victim, Fauzia, was produced before the local magistrate for the statement under section 164 and also to identify the accused persons. She identified the rapists by seeing their photographs.

The perpetrators also demonstrated outside the court. When police reached the scene all ran away as they were wanted in more than 30 cases. According to reports , the perpetrators have also  threatened the victim and her father that if they do not withdraw the rape case the girl would again face similar consequences and might not survive.

The police are working on the instructions of one Altaf Jaskani, the vice president of STP as his younger brother, Asad Jaskani, was also involved in the gang rape. Asad Jaskani runs notorious groups, extorting money from businessmen and police. The FIR for gang rape mentions the name of Azher Jatoi, Shakeel Khoso, Asad Jaskani, Abdullah Nayo and Gullan Jogi alias Gulla Jogi.


A 17-Year-Old Girl Buried Alive For Marrying By Her Own Choice
1Syyed Iqbal invitation cardSughra Brohi, 17, a resident of Jhol, Sanghar district, had married Muhammad Ali Khaskheli, a resident of Badin district, of her own choice, three months ago and shifted to Badin with her in laws.

She was buried alive on the instructions of a Jirga. She was buried in a Hindu graveyard and not in a Muslim graveyard as it was felt she had betrayed Islam.

The local police have not registered a case of murder against the perpetrators but instead deputed the security guards on the grave so that people cannot visit.

The parents of the girl are involved in arranging the murder of their daughter.

The boy, Ali Khaskheli, was a three wheeler driver and shifted to Mirpurkhas city from Badin, his ancestor’s village to get employment. He was running his eight seater three wheeler for the pick and drop of school students. During that time they fell in love with each other and decided to marry in Badin city. This was out of fear that the tribe and the parents of the girl will not tolerate the marriage and kill them in the name of an honour killing.

After learning about their marriage the elders of Brohi tribe were not happy and regarded it as usurping the pride of the caste by marrying with Khaskheli caste.

Some three weeks ago the tribal elders pursued the parents of the girl and asked them to bring their daughter back and she would not be punished. Later on, she was forced to return by her family with the assurance on the Quran that she would not be harmed.

After her return a Jirga was held which was presided over by her uncle, Nazar Muhammad Brohi, which decided to punish her by burying her alive.

The elders and her father decided that she did not deserve a burial in a Muslim graveyard and according to a newspaper, the Kawish, they dug a hole in Bheel’s graveyard of the Hindu religion near Jhol police station in village Hakim Mari, near Sanjhoro and in midnight buried her alive in village Hakim Khan Marri, Taluka Sanjhoro, district Sanghar. Her cries did not stop the elders, her father and uncles from this heinous act.

Even after 15 days the police did not take the action as they thought the action was justified according to tribal norms and Islamic teachings.

The father of the girl approached the police and filed a FIR in Jhol police station, district Sanghar, for the murder of his daughter when he could not bargain with the tribal elders for blood money (Diyat).

The whereabouts of the boy is still not known and it is feared that he might have been killed.

The honour killing of girls is common in the rural areas of Sindh where the feudal social system is intact and takes lot of pride in its so-called tolerant culture. The main reason for the honour killing is to deny the women and their husband their share from the properties. Though there is a law through which has declared honour killings as intentional murder but because of the poor rule of law and patriarchal attitude of the administration and government functionaries the menace of honour killings continues unabated.

Bodypaint130Father Rapes His Daughter & Then Kills Her in Gujrat

By Nida Paras

From the early ages in Pakistan women have lived in a society which is anti-women where they are treated as unwanted creatures.

Pakistan is a country where violations against women are the highest and conditions become even more alarming as women are discriminated against on the basis of gender even before birth. Women in Pakistan suffer atrocities such as honor killings, acid throwing, domestic violence, torture, forced labour, forced marriages, sexual assault and sexual harassment as a norm.

One such case is that of Sofia Safdar of Gujrat. A few days ago Mr. Safdar Hussain, Sofia’s father raped his own daughter and after that the family poisoned her. This incident occurred in the Nawan Kot Village of the Gujrat district of Punjab. It came to light when Sobia Amaan, a friend of the victim, sent a letter to the Chief Justice, Umer Ata Bandial of the Lahore High Court based on the information regarding the incident.

According to Sobia, her friend Sofia Safdar had been sexually harassed by her father and when she revealed the situation to her family members, her mother, brother and grandmother did not pay any attention and refused to take her side. After that she left her home and shifted towards Gulshane Ravi in Lahore where her relatives sent several messages assuring her that it would not happen again and that she should return home. She did so on May 30, 2013 and after just two days, on June 2, she was dead, poisoned by her relatives and buried secretly in a local graveyard. Her relatives did not file any case against her father.

This incident exposes the religious traditions in Pakistan and the fact that ‘honour’ is more important to the family than the knowledge that a father raped his daughter. Not one of the family members, the mother, siblings, the grandmother and all the other close relatives stood up for the victim and punished the father for such a heinous crime. Instead, the easiest solution was to kill Sofia and bury her in secret so that the family’s shame would be buried, in secret, with her.

Their first priority was to protect the honour of the family and secondly to take the shelter behind religious tradition. The rapist was provided protection by his wife and siblings to murder Sofia in order to hide his crime. The murder of the daughter in the name of honour was, in fact, not to uphold the religious traditions but to reinforce the concept that women are the only source of sexual corruption and therefore it is only the woman that is liable for punishment and not the rapist. The rapist was the bread winner of the family and the victim was dependent on him and therefore liable to be murdered.

Similar cases of honor killings are now a common occurrence in Muslim and Pakistani communities of the west. Despite being welcomed into their adoptive countries they have made no effort to accept the enlightened norms of those societies. Muslims generally allow any crime by their men to be ignored as a birth right but cannot accept the fact that their women also have rights. This outdated attitude does not even spare their daughters from being raped by their fathers.

We cannot accept the fact that crimes are being done in the name of honour and religion and remain silent on such issues because of the restrictions on the freedom of expression

These incidents are common in Pakistan and every day a number of women become prey to the perpetrators as they are considered weak and totally dependent upon others. According to the great philosopher and human rights advocate, Mary Wollstonecraft, “I do not wish women to have power over men; but over themselves.”

It is a sad indictment of Pakistani society that not one religious group or party has raised their voices demanding justice for Sofia and the punishment of the family and the father who was supposed to protect her. This is quite simply because they do not consider violence against women to be a crime.

Nida Paras is working on the youth issues in Pakistan and is office bearer of Progressive Youth Forum, she can be reached at;

Two Young Sisters Raped by the Police in Sindh

Clip_20Two young sisters, Najma (18) and Asma (20), daughters of the late Ali Hasan Rajput, were taken into custody in the late hours of October 8, 2013 by Sub Inspector Abdullah Awan, the SHO of Khambarha police station, district Ghotki, Sindh province. He was assisted by Head Constable Abdul Razzak and Constable Arbelo.

At the time of the police raid the elder brother, Noor Hasan, was not at home and police said they were taking both the sisters as hostages for his surrender as he is wanted in a four-year old case of abduction for ransom.

On the first night of abduction, both sisters were raped in the police station and during the next two days they were raped in a private house. One sister was spared for one day as her monthly menses started. The father of the sisters is deceased and the brother was doing a job in Karachi, 500 kilometers from their home. The young women were taken care of by their uncle.

During all the three days the uncle visited the police station and SHO. He was constantly advised that the police are conducting investigations so they would be released soon. The uncle was never allowed to meet his nieces. After three days their uncle went to an influential landlord, Mr. Liaquat, and requested his help to get the two victims released. As Mr. Liaquat spoke with the Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP), Abdul Salam Sheikh, he pressured the SHO to release the victims. The women were released in the afternoon of October 11 following which they told their uncle that they had been gang raped both at the police station and in a private house.

The brother of the victims hired a lawyer, Mr. Solangi, who filed a case of gang rape in custody before a Session’s Court and the media started providing coverage on the news. The Session Court judge ordered the SSP to conduct an inquiry into the charge of gang rape. However, the SSP immediately told the SHO to make some excuse to avoid the charges of rape in custody and also to stop the government hospital from giving a medical report supporting the allegation of rape.

Immediately SHO Awan filed a case against the sisters for abetting in a case of abduction for ransom. However the media, particularly the Geo TV, immediately reported the case and interviewed the victims. This was promplty picked up by other media houses. The civil society also came out in support of the victims and started agitating for the arrest of the rapists and the production of a medical report. The lawyer filed an application for medical checkups in the Session Court which was granted. The lady doctor confirmed the rape but the official report has yet not been released due to the influence of the high police officers of the district.

The police have arrested SHO Awan and Head Constable Abdul Razzak on October 13 whereas the third perpetrator, Constable Arbelo remains at large. One member of the Sindh provincial assembly, Jam Mehtab Dahar, has come out in support of the perpetrators and is using the government machinery to provide help to the SHO. It is said that the SHO assisted him in the general elections to get the seat of the MPA by stamping the ballot papers after the voting was stopped.

When the police officials were produced before court they were without handcuffs and the SHO was all the time using his two cell phones and enjoying some food. He told the journalists that he will be quickly released, that he knows how to deal with them and that they will face his real treatment. He was also angry with the reporter of Geo TV, Mr. Aslam Malik, and threatened him that he would not be spared. The daily Jang reported that he also announced that this time two girls were raped however, when he is released he will rape all the women of the village.

There is an old case of abduction for ransom which has been pending for four years and the police use this case for extorting money from different people, particularly from religious minority groups.

The Supreme Court has declared that those police officers who were involved in criminal charges cannot be restored to office. SHO Awan is among those police officials but he has a good relationship with the SSP. The other advantage for his appointment as SHO was that the Khambarha is the place where the smuggled oil and petrol from Iran is brought into Pakistan and distributed illegally to different parts of the country at competitive rates. The daily illegal earnings of the Khambarha police station is around Rs. 100,000 and it is distributed among the different tiers of high officers.

Another Father Molesting His Daughter

Clip_21WAR recently was approached by Zeenat*, a resident of Defense Housing Authority Karachi, and a mother of four children. Zeenat told WAR that on 19thSeptember 2012 she was informed by her 14-year old daughter Mahjabeen*, that her father had been sexually molesting her for a period of two years and that on the 16thof September 2012 he sodomized her. Consequently, a medico-legal examination was conducted on the 18th of September, and FIR (456/2012) lodged by Mahjabeen on 20th September 2012.

The matter was set for S164 statements in the Magistrate’s Court, Karachi, on the 26thof September. The same morning WAR’s lawyer was notified by the Investigating Officer (IO) that a bail application had also been enrolled. When WAR’s team arrived at the city court, they were faced by the accused’s legal team, which consisted of Adv. Habib-ur-Rehman (ex-Principal SM Law College) and other senior advocates. The accused and his family being influential people are using all their resources to mount pressure on the prosecution and investigating officers, and will attempt to sabotage this case in any possible way.

The accused’s family members also tried to intimidate the complainant’s mother, and publicly ravished her character in court; saying that she is a fashion designer of bad moral character.

WAR’s Advocate Asia Muneer who is handling the case may be contacted on 0321 375 2281. For any other logistical queries, please contact Rukhsana Siddiqui on 0321 827 0073.

Sanaa Rasheed

War Against Rape (WAR), Karachi.

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Lane # 4, Main Zamzama Boulevard, Phase 5, D.H.A.,

Karachi- 75500

Phone: (+92) 0213 5373008

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Rangers Gang Rape an 18-Year Old Girl in Sheikhupura

A young girl continues to suffer after she was gang raped by the officials from the Pakistan Rangers and police. The authorities are pressuring her and her family members to compromise with the perpetrators. Her house was attacked with firearms and the henchmen of the perpetrators let it be known that they can blow up the house at will. The police have instigated the neighborhood to hoot at her for having been raped and make rude signs. She tried two times to commit suicide. Her cousin was beaten and seriously injured by the perpetrators to press for settlement with the rapists.

The rape victim and her family are confined inside the house because of their neighbour’s adverse reaction against her.

Miss Nadia Rasool (18), daughter of Ghulam Rasool, resident of Village Ghang District Sheikhupura, Punjab province, a student of inter commerce (grade 11) was raped. On March 18, 2012, at 4:45 pm when she was on way back to her home in village Ghang, a group of five criminals, including two policemen, a government employee and a sepoy of the Pakistan rangers abducted her in a van. She was taken to a deserted place, gang raped and thrown away on the road in the late evening. When she told of her ordeal to her family, instead of consoling her, they reprimanded her. It was difficult for her to survive and she tried to commit suicide twice, but was saved by her mother.

A police case was registered at City Police Station-B Division Sheikhupura and the perpetrators were arrested after the Suo Moto notice by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court on March 27, 2012. But two of the perpetrators were released from a lower court on bail by and were later re-arrested by a session court when civil society filed the case. The case is now with the court of additional session judge, Sheikhupura, Jazeela Aslam. The poor family of this girl is under immense pressure from the police and local influential people to withdraw the case and accept compensation. They are constantly receiving life threats from the accused.

She was re-victimized not only by the society but also by the police officials’ insensitive attitude while handling such cases. In the last week of April, Police officials took her from Sheikhupura to Lahore (70 Km away) for DNA tests along with three of the rapists in the same vehicle; and there was no female constable with them during the journey and the medical test in the hospital. Clubbing the victim together with the perpetrators during traveling was meant to place immense psychological pressure on her. However, with the support of local civil society and women rights activists; the social and political pressure is being resisted so far.

Since then Nadia is struggling to return to a normal life and her family is facing immense social and financial problems. The entire family is completely shattered. Her father, Ghulam Rasool, a factory worker and sole bread earner of the family has lost his job after three months and later could only get a job as a daily wage earner. During the period of his unemployment the younger brother of the rape victim, Master Imran (16), sold himself to a dairy farm owner for Rs 50,000 (USD 540) where he is working 24 hours a day. He is given half an hour each for lunch and dinner at his house. Her cousin brother was beaten by the henchmen of the perpetrators to compel them to accept the settlement. He received eight stitches in his eye brows and two fingers of his right hand were fractured. He was kept bound in ropes for many hours at the place of Chaudry’s dera. He was released when his mother with the police reached the place. But the police have not taken any action against Chaudry for keeping him in illegal detention and injuring him.

Nadia, once a shining student of first year is unable to continue her studies and restrained within the four walls of the house. Highly frustrated, she does not know how to subsist her family, how to restart her studies and contest her case in the court. She desperately needs financial support. She could not appear before the annual examination which was held in the month of June and it has become difficult for her to continue her education. The police of the area and the perpetrators have created such an environment against her that she could not go outside the house. Her younger sister who worked as a maid to earn some money also had to leave her job and school as gangsters of the perpetrators pressured the employers and school teachers that as her sister was gang raped she has become a filthy woman. Nadia says that “I want justice and will pursue my case. I wish to continue my education. I have to leave my village now due to the constant threats from the accused parties and social pressure from relatives and neighbors.”

On the instructions of the Inspector General of Police, the local authorities have provided her police guards outside her residence but they are also pressuring the family members to enter into a settlement with the perpetrators as they are powerful people and no one can fight with police and rangers. But she and her family are determined to fight for justice despite the provincial government being very indifferent on her efforts to get justice.

Complainant of 14-year old’s Gang Rape Killed in Sindh

In 2010, a 14-year-old girl was gang-raped by eight armed men in presence of the Johi police, Dadu district, Sindh province.

After the incident of gang-rape the chief justice of Sindh High Court took action and asked the police to file cases against the rapists. It was only then that the administration allowed the filing of the FIR after transferring some police officials.

But these efforts by the administration did not help the victim and her family members. After two years of the gang rape the police have arrested only one person and other persons received bail from the courts because of the weak case from the prosecution. The perpetrators, with the patronage of the police and tribal leader, Dattal Jamali and Rafiq Jamali, a member of the National Assembly from the ruling party, the Pakistan People’s Party and former chief of the town, Zakir Khan Jamali, were using all possible pressure on the family of the victim and villagers.

Mr. Ghulam Mustafa Laghari, the uncle of the rape victim, was gunned down on March 28 when he was going to Johi, sub district from his village. He was the complainant in the FIR regarding the case of gang rape of Zulekha and named the rapists. He was attacked by the same accused persons who were mentioned in the police case. The attackers were on motor bikes and they sprayed him with bullets. The names of the killers are: Ali Hassan Laghari, Ayube, Allah Ditto, Mehboob Jamali, Umer Jamali, Aslam Laghari and Ibrahim Laghari. The deceased was attacked on two earlier occasions in February and March 2012. His cousin Mr. Rustam and nephew Mr. Muhammad Usman were also attacked by the perpetrators and were injured.

The deceased, Ghulam Mustafa Laghari, was pressured many times by a member of the National Assembly and a tribal leader to withdraw the cases against the perpetrators but he refused. Just 10 days before his murder he was attacked with fire arms and was injured. The local police refused to file any case against the perpetrators. In the case of the gang rape eight persons including Ghulam Mustafa Laghari had submitted their statements before the session court. The statements from Ghulam and Zulekha were very important in the case which proved the involvement of the perpetrators in the gang rape. One investigation officer of the police, assistant sub inspector Sain Rakhio of Johi police station also recorded his statement and he testified that all the perpetrators were involved. This provoked the members of the national assembly, tribal leaders and perpetrators to attack and kill the complainant to send a message to the family members of the victim to withdraw the cases against them. To-date the police have not filed a case regarding the murder of Ghulam Mustafa.

In the cases of gang rape it is observed that the close relatives of the victims who were actively following the cases were gunned downed by the perpetrators after released on the bail from the courts. In the case of Kainat Soomro, 13 year, who was gang raped in 2007, her brother was gunned down when he was trevelling to Balochistan province by the same perpetrators. In another case of Uzma Ayub, who was raped in the custody for one year by the police officials and one army soldier, her brother was also gunned downed in the Peshawar high court premises in year 2012.

Incest Continues in Pakistan

Sonia Rani (18), daughter of late Mohammad Sadiq, a resident of Miandadkot, Hafizabad, Punjab Province was continuously raped for five years in the captivity of her stepfather, Mohammad Ramzan, a well known police tout of the area.

Her mother Naseem Bibi was married to the perpetrator Ramzan after the death of Sonia’s father.

A report was made at the city police station of Hafizabad concerning the rape. Sonia has stated that she was forced to have three abortions which were carried out by different midwives. She was threatened by the perpetrator not to talk about the matter with anyone otherwise she would face dire consequences. When Sonia’s mother came to know that her daughter has been raped by her stepfather she arranged her marriage to a boy when Sonia was 3 months pregnant.

On 1 April 2012 when she reported to the City police station, the Station Head Officer (SHO) and other police officials warned her not to file the case against their tout but told her that if she had the same relationship with them then her case would be filed. After agitation from the local people the police was compelled to file a First Information Report (FIR) on 6 April, however the police are reluctant to take action against the perpetrator. He has been taken into custody and is enjoying the facilities of the police in the lock up but has not yet been formerly arrested. Instead, police are forcing the victim and her in-laws to reach a settlement with the rapist and withdraw the complaint against him.

She further stated that several times she tried to prevent her stepfather from raping her but he always threatened her that he will kill her and her mother also.

When she tried to report the crime Sonia was sexually harassed and abused by the police who used filthy language. The police are insisting that she withdraw her case and not file an FIR against Mohammad Ramzan.

Woman Kidnapped, Raped & Placed in Brothel in Karachi

Ms. Parveen Bibi, daughter of Molazim Hussain, a maid by profession, belongs to a poor family of Rahimyar Khan,Punjab province. Her father lost his eyesight ago in an accident. Parveen, with her mother was working as a domestic servant to run their household affairs. Increasing inflation, day to day expenses and reduced income dejected Parveen, she asked her maternal uncle to seek any reasonable job for her and, accompanied by her mother, came to Karachi to earn money and support her ailing father.

She started working in a school located in Gulistan-e-Johar,Karachi, where she was paid Rs. 3,000.00 per month. Things were going well until she met with a lady named Rabiya, alias Natasha who offered her to work as maid in her home at Rs. 4000.00 per month. Parveen accepted her offer and her mother, Shamshad Bibi, handed her over Rabiya and returned to Rahimyar Khan to see her ailing husband.

Rabiya runs a brothel at her home in the name of a beauty parlour named “Midas Beauty Parlour”.

Parveen was an attractive and beautiful young woman, which encouraged Rabiya to use her as a sex slave. Initially Parveen was supposed to work in the day time but gradually that lady increased her working hours, sometimes she was not allowed to go back home.

Rabiya’s unreasonable demands grew more and more day by day.

Parveen was not allowed to go home for days at a stretch and was not even allowed to make calls.

Rabiya started taking her to the beauty parlour and forced her to wear revealing clothing.

The increasing favours and extraordinary behaviour baffled Parveen but she had to stay there as she needed the money.

Parveen had no idea that the sweet conduct was only a façade. Eventually Parveen realised what Rabiya had in mind for her but by then it was too late. Many times she tried to run away but every time she was stopped by the armed watchman.

One unfortunate night she was led to a room where she was raped by a man who paid Rs. 50,000.00 to Rabiya. When she resisted Parveen was brutally abused and assaulted.

This went on for some time and she was raped by 10-15 men every week. Whenever she tried to resist she was made to drink alcohol or forced to ingest sleeping pills. She was then sold off to a pimp named Shakir Hussain; who assaulted and raped her and used her for many awful activities for more than a year in a flat in Qayumabad.

He sold her off many times to various people from the neighborhood and if she resisted in any way she was beaten. After some time Parveen lost all hope. She had accepted her fate, and would move without a word from one place to another with her kidnappers.

While Parveen was going through her ordeal her family, including her uncle Altaf Hussain, were searching for her anxiously. When Parveen’s mother came back from Rahimyar Khan on 8 October 2010, she went to see her daughter at Rabiya’s house and found her missing.

On being questioned, Rabiya said that she knew nothing about Parveen except that she ran away and got married to someone.

They approached to the Sachal Police Station to register their complaints but the ASI Ahmed Ali Shah refused to take the case after accepting Rs. 20,000.00 from the perpetrator. This left Altaf Hussain with no place to turn to in order to save his niece from more humiliation. Initially the police was reluctant to enroll their case, but after persuasive efforts by Altaf Hussain on 14 October 2010 they registered an FIR against Rabiya alias Natasha.

Despite the passing of several days the police made no progress in the case. Eventually some five months after Parveen’s kidnapping, Altaf managed to convince a police officer to at least come with him to Rabiya’s home. On reaching there, she informed them that Parveen had stolen valuable artifacts from her and then run away.

On 9 October 2011 at around 12am, almost one year later, Altaf Hussain received a telephone call from his niece. She informed him that she has got married on her own will and requested him not to bother Rabiya about her. However, she was crying badly and refused to say anything more before hanging up the phone. Altaf found out the details of the public booth from where Parveen made the call and came to know that she had been accompanied by a woman and four men. He then went to Citizens-Police Liaison Committee (CPLC) to seek help. He met with Mr. Ahmed Chanai; Chief of CPLC who called up Rabiya and pressurized her to inform him about Parveen Bibi.

Later Altaf Hussain received a call from an anonymous caller that Parveen had been recovered by officers of the Citizens-Police Liaison Committee (CPLC) in a shanty home in Shadman Town of North Nazimabad and was sent back to her home in Rahimyar Khan. Altaf Hussain approached Mr. Chanai to get Parveen medical for further action and was told not to pursue the case. He was told to compromise as the woman has been recovered. The perpetrators, he was told, are very powerful having strong contacts with other influential people so it was better to let it go and if he really wanted to pursue it then he had to do of his own.

Altaf Hussain also received telephone calls from ASI Saleem Cheema to withdraw the case and wind up this issue. Altaf Hussain showed his deep concern and apprehension on this issue. According to him there are around 11-12 woman being held against their will by Rabiya. The police, however, are doing nothing because ASI Ahmed Ali Shah is also equally involved in this case.

Tormented By Stigma After Rape

Alam Din, a street vendor, and his family of six, left suddenly after his 14-year-old daughter was raped by several local youths while on her way home from an evening lesson.

The crime was never reported; Din and his brothers felt to do so would damage family honour and instead Din apparently bundled his family and possessions on to a truck and left in the dead of night for Punjabprovince.

“The girl had to be carried out,” said Aleena Bibi, a neighbour. “She had been injured. It is a tragedy this should happen to a child, but now people also consider the house unlucky and are reluctant to buy.”

Many rapes in Pakistan, due to stigma, are never reported, and there are no precise figures on how many occur. However, the US Department of State, in its 2010 Human Rights Report [ ] states 928 cases of rape were reported.

“Prosecutions of reported rapes were rare. Police and NGOs reported that false rape charges sometimes were filed in different types of disputes, reducing the ability of police to assess real cases and proceed with prosecution,” it said.

“NGOs reported that police at times were implicated in rape cases. NGOs also alleged that police sometimes abused or threatened victims, demanding that they drop charges, especially when police received a bribe from suspected perpetrators.”

HRCP states in its annual report for 2010 that 2,903 women [ ] – almost eight a day – were raped last year.

The Karachi-based NGO War Against Rape, in a statement released last month, [ ], said data collected from three hospitals and police showed that the average age of victims had fallen from 18 years last year to 13 this year in the city. WAR also noted only a minority of the cases reported from hospitals had been brought to the notice of police.

“The insensitive attitude of police, and the fact that women face further harassment at the hands of police, discourages them from reporting abuse,” Sarah Zaman, director of WAR, said.

There have been some horrendous reports of abuse by police, [ ] including that of a 13-year-old schoolgirl, Natasha Bibi, raped over 21 days while she was held by police in the northern Punjab town of Wah Cantt.

It is the growing brutalization of our society and its patriarchal nature that allows incidents of this kind to happen..

My daughter, who was only 12 years old at the time, was violently raped last year by her cousin. We did not report the matter to avoid a scandal, and to protect her from stigma. But even now rumours fly, my child refuses to leave my side and says she feels ‘dirty’ and we wonder who will marry her with this dark stain hanging over her,” one Gulab Bibi, 40, said.

In rural areas, the reluctance to report rape runs even deeper. Laiq Muhammad, a farmer in the Khairpur district of Sindh, says his nine-year-old sister was raped by the son of a powerful land-owner in the area. “These people have connections, they would simply bribe the police, and I have daughters and another younger sister’s safety to consider,” he said. “We cannot run the risk of further punishment.

“My sister’s life has changed for ever. She is only a child, but we are powerless to help her,” Muhammad said.

The reluctance to report cases also means the survivors frequently receive no psychological support. A victim of sexual assault needs counselling and help. The fact that in our society she is not even able to talk of the incident in most cases only makes matters worse for the thousands of women who suffer rape each year.

Kidnapped from Bus Stop in Gujranwala & Gang Raped Twice

A woman who was abducted and gang raped for the second time by four armed accused two months ago is now pregnant.

According to police officials, the accused had abducted the victim as punishment for her getting an annulment through a local court in Gopipur-Satrah, Daska.

The victim has now complained that the men who raped her have still not been arrested and she has been receiving death threats.

Gopipur resident Tooba Shams had been kidnapped at gunpoint eleven months ago by four landlords and raped. The men got her to sign blank papers and later tried to seize her property. The papers included a marriage contract and property transfer documents but she had the ‘marriage’ annulled”.

According to the original FIR lodged with the Satrah police station under Section 376-II, Tooba was abducted by four landlords Nadeem Mughal, Rana Bilal, Amir Shafi and Muhammad Sadiq while she was going to a local religious seminary in the village eleven months ago. She recorded a statement saying that the accused took her to a warehouse and gang raped her for a month.

She finally managed to escape them one night and sought protection with a Darul Aman. Then she filed a case with the police and a case for the annulment of the marriage with the courts.

Inspector Farooq Shah said that Tooba had also submitted a medical test proving that she had been gang raped. She was also severely injured and malnourished.

The FIR stated that a local court in Daska had dissolved the ‘marriage’ with accused Nadeem Mughal on May 18, 2011. Tooba had said that she and her mother were standing on a local bus stop at village Gopipur headed forGujranwalaon July 6, 2011, when the accused kidnapped her again and took her to Pasrur, where they gang raped her for three days as punishment for annulling the marriage. “Nadeem told me that I was being punished again because I had thwarted his plans by annulling the marriage. Now I am pregnant with my rapist’s baby and he still hasn’t been arrested,” Tooba said. “The police have registered a case but the accused haven’t been arrested. The courts have granted my divorce but these men are still roaming free. What good is a divorce if they are free to kill me?” Tooba said.

Speaking to reporters, Tooba said that the accused were influential and were still at large in the village. She said that the Satrah police was reluctant to arrest the men because they had political backing. She appealed to CM Shahbaz Sharif, Inspector General of Police Punjab, Gujranwala Regional Police Officer Ahmed Mubarak Ahmed and DPO Sialkot Bilal Sadiq Kamiyana to provide her with justice.

Why is There So Much Rape in Sindh?

An eleven-year-old girl has been gang raped over a period of one month by a power family from the Palari tribe of Sindh province while her family was kept in illegal detention. The family of the victim is in hiding at a flood ravaged place after escaping from the illegal detention center of the perpetrator. The area police have refused to file the case because of pressure from the chief of the Palari tribe that is a well-known criminal gang in the area. This is nothing short of shocking that all of this is happening in Sindh which the PPP claims to be its bastion and from where it draws the bulk of its support. As a matter of fact, the people of Sindh have constantly been suffering since the inception of the PPP due to its incompetent and inefficient governance skills.

Ms. Mallah (full name withheld),11-years-old, the daughter of Ahmed Mallah, a resident of Goth Haji Abdullah Kadhro Daro, Taluka Mirpur Bathoro, District Thatta was gang raped by Gulab Palari, the sons of Liyar Palari, his brother Pinyal Palari, his son Noor Muhammad and his nephews after her abduction.

According to victim’s family, in July Gulab Palari and Pinyal visited her village, and invited her family consisting of her father, mother, her and her two year-old sister to their area in Nooriabad, Sindh province for the cultivation of land at Nooriabad which is situated between the cities of Hyderabadand Karachi. On this offer, her father decided to move his family to their village Goth Azeem Palari with all their belongings and household goods. After moving there, they were surprised to know that there was neither land nor any cultivation there.

According to the case filed in the Additional Session Court of Kotri, the rapists detained them in an illegal private detention center at their village house. After some days Yar Muhammad asked the father of the girl to marry his daughter with his son. Shabana’s father refused it because of her young age. This refusal infuriated Palaris and the accused persons abducted her and forcibly married her to Noor Muhammad. It is said by the victim that she was forcibly put before a bearded person who read some verses from the holy book of Quran and then it was declared that she was married to Noor Muhammad who confined her and raped her the entire night.

After two days, she was shifted to another house where Yar Mohummad, father, and his son, Noor Mohummad Palari tortured and raped her. Later on his another son, Riaz, his naphew, his brother Pinyal also took advantage of the situation and raped her.

At one point, the mother managed to escape from the confinement and with the support of human rights lawyers filed an application under Section 491 of Criminal Procedural Code before the Court of District and Sessions Judge, Jamshoro at Kotri and then the station House Officer (S.H.O) of Nooriabad police station conducted a raid at the house of accused mentioned above as per the order of the Honorable Court and recovered the victim on September 12 and produced her before the court. Then the Session Court ordered on September 14 to file an FIR and allowed to go with her parents. However, the FIR against the accused was not filed because the perpetrators are influential people. This makes one wonder about the credentials of the present democratic government.

Since then, Mallah and her family are shuttling between police stations and courts in search of justice. The family of the victim is receiving threats that she would be killed if they pursued the case against them. Due to fear, harassment and threats to their lives Mallah’s family are running from one place to another. At the moment, the family are hiding in an flood inundated house and has courageously decided to pursue justice at any cost.

At the regular hearing of the case on 23 September, the additional session judge, Kotri, has directed SHO, Nooriabad to lodge an FIR.

Christian Nurse Raped

A girl of Tajpura locality in Cantonment, who is facing life threats from policemen who have raped her, has sought protection of life and justice.

Narrating her ordeal to reporters at the Lahore Press Club, Rabia Khan said she had contracted love marriage with Hussain Ejaz on Feb 1 against her parents’ will.

She said that an inspector and two constables had abducted the couple on Feb 11 and kept them in a Misri Shah warehouse for 12 days where she was raped by the inspector and another man.

Rabia said police officials then got their thumb impressions and signatures on a plain paper and took her to the house of a constable who, after subjecting her to rape, told her that her husband had been murdered.

Somehow, she said, she managed to escape from the constable’s house and reached her in-laws’ where she came to know that the inspector had sent her husband to jail in theft and robbery cases.

She said her father-in-law tried to get a kidnap case registered, but to no avail. She said they also moved the court, but the police defied its orders and instead registered cases against her in-laws, Faizan, Zeeshan and Arshad.

During a court battle, the case was finally registered by the Ghaziabad police, but the investigation in-charge did not pursue the case against his counterparts.

She further said her mother Asia Khanum got registered a fake case against her and her in-laws in North Cantonment police station and the police started conducting raids at their residences.

She said they filed a contempt of court plea in the Supreme Court whose hearing was to be held on Aug 30.

Rabia appealed to the government to provide protection as she feared that she, her husband and their parents could be murdered before the fresh hearing.

The Christian trainee nurse has accused, before the police and the health department’s inquiry team on July 20, 2010, the former medico-legal officer (MLO) of raping her in his apartment in the residential area of the Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre (JPMC). She has also said that she was neither abducted nor gang-raped as suggested by a woman lawmaker recently.

Exactly one week after the incident, the rape victim — a third-year student of the JPMC’s School of Nursing — recorded her statement at the surgical intensive care unit of the hospital where she is currently under treatment.

The police investigators recorded her statement under Section 161 (examination of witnesses by police) of the criminal procedure code in which the victim is said to have declared that she did not know the MLO and met him for the first time on July 13.

On July 13, according to the trainee nurse, at about 2.45pm after finishing her routine training she was heading towards a bus stop to go home in Korangi when a colleague insisted that she go along with her to the apartment of the MLO who, being influential, could help her obtain better marks in exams.

She said she reached the MLO’s apartment in the residential area of the JPMC along with her colleague where she saw another man, later identified as a private servant of the MLO.

“The nurse was later left alone inside the apartment where the MLO allegedly sexually assaulted her. She jumped out of the kitchen window when the suspect became violent and slapped her several times across the face,” a police official who was part of the investigation team said.

The convener of the health department inquiry committee, Dr Abdul Majid, said that the victim girl said in her statement that the MLO raped her and when she tried to escape he became extremely violent and threw her off the kitchen window from his first-floor apartment.

“She denied the presence of any other person inside the apartment when the doctor allegedly sexually assaulted her. Similarly, going through her statement, one can’t find any signs of abduction of the victim,” said the police official.

The statement of the trainee nurse was at variance with the claim made by MPA Humera Alwani during her interaction with the media that the victim herself told her in the ICU that she had been abducted and gang-raped. The police, however, believed that the MLO’s driver and the victim’s colleague, who persuaded her to visit the MLO’s apartment, had already gone into hiding after the incident.

“With these two new names, relevant Sections of the Pakistan Penal Code will be incorporated in the FIR that had been lodged at the Saddar police station,” said SSP Amir Farooqi of Jamshed Town, who is heading the police investigation team. “We are trying hard to get hold of the two persons and I hope that they will soon be arrested.”

Suspect Denies Rape
In his statement recorded under Section 161 of the CrPC, the MLO conceded that the trainee nurse was present at his apartment on July 13 but denied that he assaulted her sexually.

“He claimed that, that day he picked up the trainee nurse from her residential area in Korangi in a friend’s car and both of them reached his apartment,” said an investigator quoting the suspect’s statement. What can be more cruel and unjust than this. First you rape a girl, and then blemish her character.

“During their stay at the apartment, they had some altercation and the MLO became violent and slapped the trainee nurse, who cried for help. In the meanwhile, somebody knocked at the door of the apartment and they became scared that they had been spotted by some people.”

The suspect told the police that he asked the trainee nurse to leave his apartment through the kitchen window. However, she lost her balance, fell down and sustained a serious head injury.

“The suspect said that a few minutes after the nurse was spotted lying injured on the ground and taken to the emergency unit for treatment, he noticed that people started gathering outside his apartment. This made him scared and he decided to escape through the kitchen window, but he also fell down,” the official quoting the suspect’s statement said.

Meanwhile, Advocate Javed Chattari, who said he represented the victim, said that there was enormous pressure on his client and her family members to change her initial statement.

The JPMC spokesperson, Dr Azhar Khan, who recently replaced Additional Director Dr Seemi Jamali, said that the main concern of the hospital was to ensure the victim’s best treatment and it had nothing to do with police investigations.

The Judicial Magistrate (south), Zulfiqar Ali, extended the physical remand of the rape suspect,  A former medico-legal officer booked and arrested for raping a trainee nurse at the Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre was on Tuesday remanded in police custody for six more days at the request of the investigation officer (IO) of the case.

The suspect continued with his drama as he was brought to the city courts in an ambulance. The suspect’s counsel said that his client was still unwell and needed medical treatment. He requested the court to send him back to hospital.

After hearing both sides, the judicial magistrate came out of his courtroom to look at the suspect. The magistrate examined the suspect outside the ambulance and extended his physical remand till July 26 and directed the IO to produce him in court on the next date.

The magistrate ruled that he had seen the suspect and there was no plaster on his injured leg. The suspect was discharged from a private hospital and “it appears from the discharge summary that he could walk on a walker with non-weight bearing on his injured leg”, the magistrate added.

Earlier on July 16, the court remanded the suspect in police custody on till July 20.

Meanwhile, some activists gathered outside the court and chanted slogans against the suspect.

According to the prosecution, a 22-year-old trainee nurse had jumped from the window of an apartment, which was in the possession of the former MLO, to save her life when she was assaulted by him.

She was found in an unconscious condition on the lawn of a mess in the JPMC residential area on July 13 and a few minutes later, the MLO with bruises on his body was spotted there.

A case (FIR 332/2010) was registered under Section 324 (attempted murder) of the Pakistan Penal Code against the MLO on the complaint of Mohammad Akram Janjua of the JPMC at the Saddar police station. Later, in the light of initial medical reports, Section 376 (punishment for rape) of the PPC was also incorporated in the FIR.

Son-In-Law Guns Down Gang-Rape Victim for Honor

A 50-year-old mother of eight who was subjected to gang rape a few days ago was shot dead by her son-in-law in Larkana on July 23, 2010. What can be more unjust than this, and what concept of false honor is this.

Ishaque Bhutto was arrested soon after the murder and he confessed to having killed her.

Husna Bhutto had lodged an FIR at the Haidri police station on July 19 against five people, including two police constables, who had sexually assaulted her.

The day the crime had taken place, the woman’s son-in-law, Ishaque Bhutto, left Larkana for Ratodero because he could not stand people’s taunts.

He returned and stayed at Husna’s house. After breakfast on July 23, he shot her from close range, causing serious injuries.

Her husband Shahnawaz and other members of the family did little to protect her.

Later, Shahnawaz and some neighbours took her to the Chandka Medical College Hospital where she died. Ishaque escaped but was soon arrested.

“It was a matter of honour for me and the woman’s son Khadim Hussain also asked me to kill her and I did it,” he told journalists from the lock-up in the Market police station.

Khadim Hussain denied having asked the accused to kill his mother and said that Ishaque had told him he would also kill all the people named in the FIR because they had raped his mother-in-law.

Jawed Bhutto, another son of the woman, said the assault had upset his mother.
He said that she had brought up Ishaque in their house like her son.

Just after a few days of crime against a girl student of Daska hitting the headlines, the plight of another abducted girl has surfaced after she has been kept in the house of ill fame for two weeks.

According to the FIR (No 365/2010) lodged at the Daska city police station by a girl from Fatehgarh (Sialkot), Sajid Masih and Illyas Butt, residents of Akbarabad, abducted her from near a local graveyard a month ago.

The abductors, she said, took her to Khwaja Shahid’s house at Daska’s Bhatti Colony where Sajid raped her at gunpoint. Later, both sold her to Shahid for Rs20,000.

The FIR (registered under sections 371-A, 371-B and 376 of PPC on May 9, 2010) further revealed that Shahid and his wife, Shazia, forced the girl into prostitution for two weeks. Later, she contacted her family and informed them about the situation. She also told the police that she had been engaged to Muhammad Waqas.

When the family contacted Khwaja Shahid, the FIR said, he told them that he had bought the girl for Rs20,000 from Sajid and Illyas. The family paid the amount to Shahid and got the girl released.

Meanwhile, the grieved family said the suspects were at large because of their contacts with the influential people. They said the two perpetrators were threatening them with dire consequences. The girl, who is in her early 20s, has urged Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif and senior officers to provide her security and ensure early arrest of the criminals.

District Police Officer Waqar Ahmad Chauhan told this correspondent that the Daska city police had arrested Sajid Masih and were investigating him.

In the third week of April 2010 there was a theft at the house of Ghulam Shabbir, 40, a farmer and resident of village Bachal Leghari, Taluka Johi, district Dadu, Sindh province. Shabbir lodged a report to Johi police station mentioning the names of accused persons who attacked his house and stole valuable items. The police were reluctant to file a FIR (First Information Report) against the accused persons as they are notorious criminals and henchmen of the tribal chief of Jamali tribe, Dattal Jamali whose younger brother, Rafiq Jamali, is a federal minister. The accused persons threatened Shabbir many times and warned him to withdraw their names from the theft case otherwise he would face serious consequences.

On May 5 at about 12.30am the accused persons, Laiq Laghari, Hassan Laghari, Allah Ditto, Allah Dino, Mohammad Ayube Laghari, Mahboob Jamali and Mohammad Umar, along with some more persons arrived at Shabbir’s house carrying firearms. They rounded up the members of Shabbir’s family and started beating them.

After 20 minutes the armed men abducted Shabbir’s 14 year-old daughter and took her towards the desert area. The family members came out from house and shouted to get support from neighbourhood. The people gathered and tried to contact the Johi police station but were told that the station house officer (SHO) was not in the police station at the time. They were told to call back in the morning. The people then contacted a senior journalist, Akbar Laghari, who talked to high police officials on the phone. A police party under the station head officer (SHO) of Johi police station, Bakhshal Jamali, was sent to follow the accused persons along with the villagers.

After three to four kilometers from the village they found that the girl was being held on a rock surrounded by more than eight persons. They fired shots in the air to frighten off anyone from coming close to them. The cries of the girl during the rape could be heard by police and villagers but SHO Bakhshal had refused to take action and said to the villagers that they could do something when it was day light. The villagers then went to nearby a village and asked the people to help and also to bring whatever firearms they had with them. At around 4am on May 6, the villagers attacked the accused persons and rescued the girl but the perpetrators continued firing into the air as they ran away.

The Johi police refused to give a letter for a medical examination for rape which is a legal formality for the government hospital.

Next day people from different villages protested and over the incident. They took the girl to the Dadu district government hospital for a medical examination. The medical was conducted and after two days a provisional certificate was issued which confirmed that she was raped by more than one person. But until now the hospital has not issued a final report as there was tremendous pressure from tribal chief and his younger brother, the minister of state.

The villagers and citizens of Dadu city went to the house of Rafiq Jamali, federal State minister and the younger brother of Dattal Jamali, the tribal chief of Jamali clan, who promised the protesters that he would help to arrest the perpetrators. However, on the instruction of his elder brother he immediately left the city without helping the victim and her family. They also protested at the office of the district police officer (DPO) who immediately suspended two assistant sub inspectors,  Ehsan Soomro and Mr. Siddique Mallah, to cover up the whole situation against police inefficiency to stop the rape. Action against the police officers like deputy superintendent police (DPO), Allah Rakhio, SHO of Johi police station, Bakhshal Jamali, assistant sub inspector (ASI) Sain Rakhio was not taken as they are the relatives of minister and tribal chief.

To date not a single rapist has been arrested and they are seen providing rides to police officials on their motor bikes. An FIR was also lodged in Johi police station on May 6, after the pressure from local journalists and NGOs.

Police arrested a man from Garhi Chakar village, Sukkur, on May 15, 2010 on charges of rape in the wake of a woman’s arrest and her confession that she had strangled her newborn baby born out of rape.

The woman was arrested on May 14 on charge of killing her “illegitimate” baby and burying it in the courtyard of her mother’s house in Mitho Dal village. Her mother was also taken into custody.

The woman told police that she worked as housemaid at Syed Ali Raza Shah’s in Garhi Chakar village after getting divorce three years ago. After some time Ali Raza forced her into illicit relations with him, she said.

In the meantime, Ali Raza’s driver Madad Ali Gabol came to know about it and started blackmailing her. He would force into her room and rape her in Ali Raza’s absence, she said.

She said that when she felt she had conceived the baby she told Ali Raza but he threatened to kill her if she disclosed it to anybody else. Last week Ali Raza asked her to go live with her mother and get rid of the child.

Two days ago she delivered a baby boy but a new fear gripped her that her brother might come to know about the child and raise hell. Therefore, she strangled it to death and buried it in the courtyard of her mother’s house, she confessed.

After recording the woman’s statement, ASI Ghulam Shabbir Abro registered an FIR on behalf of state against the woman and the accused Ali Raza and his driver. Police raided a house in Garhi Chakar village on Saturday and arrested Madad Ali Gabol.

The district and sessions judge of Ghotki has appointed an assistant mukhtiarkar Ghanwar Khoso to supervise exhumation of the baby’s body and its post mortem, to be carried out on May 17.

A 13 year old girl was raped for 21 days by policemen; the ineptness of the courts provide protection to perpetrators

A13 year-old girl was continuously gang-raped, mentally, and physically tortured by police officials during 21 days of illegal detention. After finding that she was pregnant, the policemen produced her before a Session court under false charges. The girl was sent to jail where she was finally released on bail. The judge who heard her case was unable to investigate the perpetrators, as they obtained a “stay order” from the Lahore High Court, which prevents any police action against them. Their barbarian crimes thus remain unpunished.

Pakistani laws recognize rape as a particularly heinous crime and do not allow bail without proper investigation.

The High Court’s decision, an obvious miscarriage of justice, must also be investigated.

The government must act swiftly to efficiently protect the victim and her family and provide them with justice and compensation. The failure of the rule of law and ineptness of courts in Pakistan allow the continuity of such heinous crimes that are condemned by the country’s laws and all international standards yet remain unpunished, cementing the impunity of those that victim calls “wolves in uniforms”.

The 13 year old school girl of class-VII student Natasha, daughter of a stone crusher Muhammad Aslam, approached the Additional Sessions Judge (ASJ) of Taxila, Rao Abdul Jabbar Khan and narrated to him her mental and physical torture in detention. She also told him that she was raped for 21 days by the policemen during her detention and she was pregnant.

After recording her statement, the judge ordered Natasha’s medical examination and directed the chief police officer (CPO) Rawalpindi district to register a case against the accused policemen, and complete investigation within 14 days. Police authorities have failed to act against the accused policemen despite the passage of one month. The RPO says the accused obtained a “stay order” from the high court to pre-empt police action, so he is waiting for the day when the court vacates that order.

Natasha is a resident of village Labb Thathu, Tehsil Taxila. Afsar, a close relative of her father Aslam, was killed on January 24, 2010, and an FIR was registered against Aslam’s wife Azhar Bibi.

Taxila police picked up Natasha and her brother Yawar Saeed, 18, when policemen failed to arrest their mother, whose whereabouts are still unknown. According to her on-oath statement before the judge, Natasha said the police kept her in a room for 21 days on the premises of the Wah Cantt Police Station, where different police officials, one of them identified as Sub-Inspector Mohammad Mumtaz, made a plaything of her; they would rape her daily at their will, force her to drink alcohol, dance naked, and change their uniforms before her.

These police officials, sensing that she had become pregnant, booked her for the murder on January 24, 2010, and produced her before the court which sent her to the Adiala Jail on judicial remand from where she was released on bail.

The poor victim is still unsure of her surroundings and her father, too poor to even think of taking any steps other than harming himself and his children, seemed to have gone numb with persistent mental trauma.

“They would repeat this (rape) on me every night. And it was only after three weeks when I started feeling sick, and they took me to a court which sent me to the (Adiala) jail, a notorious jail of Punjab province. A kind lady constable, who had noticed my condition, told me to tell the truth to the judge in the court but I was too afraid. Somehow, after two days of my release on bail, I gathered courage and chose to tell the court all that had happened to me at the police station,” said Natasha with tears rolling down her cheeks.

“They ruined my life. I don’t want to go to school because the students and staff there know about what has happened to me. It’s too humiliating. What would become of me and my sister? Would the chief justice (of the Supreme Court of Pakistan) take notice of what has happened to me and punish those ‘wolves’ in uniforms?” Natasha asked.

When contacted, Natasha’s counsel advocate Farhana Qamar said that it had been proved by the medical examination of the minor girl that she had been gang-raped. But, she added, the RPO (Regional Police Officer) Rawalpindi was still reluctant to act against the accused policemen.

When contacted, CPO Rao Iqbal said that an inquiry had been ordered to ascertain the facts in the case. He said that it was a heinous crime and if the allegations levelled by the girl were proved correct, strict action would be taken against those guilty of crime.

Regional Police Officer (RPO) Aslam Tareen said that Natasha moved the court of the ASJ Taxila on April 17, 2010 after her release from jail on bail on April 15.

He said her medical check-up had already been conducted before sending her to jail under the law. Answering a question about the police inaction despite the ASJ’s orders, the RPO said accused sub-inspector Mohammad Mimtaz filed a petition before the Rawalpindi Bench of the Lahore High Court against the ASJ’s orders and the court granted him “stay” to pre-empt registration of an FIR against the accused till the decision of the petition.

The RPO said the first hearing of the stay order was held on May 13. He said the case would be registered if the court vacated the stay order.

Influential Feudals Raping Girls in Rajanpur

Fazlipur resident Noreen has threatened to commit suicide if the authorities concerned refused to take action against Sardar Jehanzaib alias ‘Chand Khan Dareeshak’ for raping her and uploading nude pictures of her on the internet.

Hundreds of people including Noreen’s parents and relatives protested and blocked the Indus Highway for hours on November 21, 2010. The protests took place because the police refused to arrest accused Chand Khan after Noreen’s relatives made several attempts to file a case against the accused. They won’t touch him because he is a close relative of Pakistan Muslim League-Quaid-i-Azam (PML-Q)’s senior Leader Sardar Nasrullah Khan Dareeshak.

Noreen, a BA student, and her father Salamat lodged an FIR in PS City Rajanpur against Sardar Chand on November 2.

According to FIR number 508, Chand has been charged under Sections 469, 496A and 376 of the Pakistan Penal Code (PPC).

Noreen, in the FIR, stated “One year ago Chand called me on my personal cell number and introduced himself as the head of a local fake NGO which was working to support female students by funding their education.”

“He offered me a job at the NGO but I turned it down. Six months ago Chand called me again and asked for a list of names of deserving female students.

He also insisted that I visit his office in Rajanpur city,” she said. Noreen said that when she went to his office there was no set up and all she saw were four gunmen. “I asked him where the other staff was and he told me they were sitting inside the other room and immediately locked the doors,” she told the police. Noreen stated that he raped her and took pictures. “He said that if I went to the police or refused to keep seeing him the pictures would be uploaded and promised to marry me within a few months,” she said.  Noreen said that she lived in a conservative society and was fearful of the stigma her parents would face if the photos were released. “He blackmailed me and I had to keep seeing him for six months. I reminded him of his promise to marry me but he dodged the issue,” she said.

Nearly 15 days ago when Noreen demanded a Nikah, Chand Khan called her and threatened that if she refused to come to him, he would upload her pictures on the internet. Noreen told her parents and brother, they went to Chand Khan and demanded that he leave Noreen alone but Chand threatened them. “He said that the Dareeshak family had political backing and no one would touch him,” Noreen brother said. She stated that her parents approached Nasrullah Dareeshaks’ son former district nazim Sardar Ali Raza Khan Dareeshak but he refused to meet them.

Noreen said that in the third week of October, Chand called her and directed her to a website where she found her nude pictures.

Noreen’s father Salamat said that that his daughter was first in the area to raise her voice against a feudal. He said that Chand has raped dozens of other innocent girls in the area and that others had backed down due to his political standing.

*Names of the victims and her family members have been changed to protect their identity.

Six armed men from a group of land grabbers from Karachi, working in nexus with different police stations, attacked the house of Mr Abdul Rafiq Jagirani alias Mohib Ali, son of Maula dad Jagirani, in Faizabad, Khairpur Mirs, Sindh province, on 14 October 2010 and abducted his 16 years old girl, Miss S (name withheld), and his son, Muhammad Afzal, 14, at gunpoint for ransom. They threatened Jagirani not to report it to the police otherwise they will kill both children.

After half an hour of the abduction Jagirani reported the matter to the police but because of threats from the abductors he did not identify them. After two days the abductors asked for Rs. 500,000 (USD 5883) as ransom for the release of his children. He sold his some agriculture land for the payment and handed over the money to the abductors in Karachi, 400 kilometers away from his city. It took him one month to arrange the money. The payment was paid in Bhitai abad, Gulistan-Johar, Karachi to the main accused, Abdul Kareem Marfani, and in return the abductors released his children. Following her release his daughter told him that she was raped during her captivity.

He then reported the act of gang rape to the section A police station, Khairpur Mirs, but police refused to mention the gang rape in their report. He then filed an application in the Session court of Khairpur Mirs who ordered the police to file FIR of her abduction and rape. On 29 November 2010, A section police station filed the FIR. After which her medical examination was conducted on 3 December, at Civil Hospital Khairpur, wherein the rape was confirmed. Following that a statement of the children were recorded under Sections 161 and 164 of the CrPc. The case was shifted to Anti-terrorism court on the report, dated 10 January, of special public prosecutor who raised many questions about the ill intentions and negligence of the A section police station of Khairpur. The police failed to produce the accused persons when the court issued non-bailable warrants for the accused persons. The cases were registered against four accused persons namely; Abdul Kareem Marfani, Abdul Hafeez Marfani, Deedar Husain Marfani and Mehboob Marfani. The names of the remaining two suspects were not known.

After that Jagirani went to Karachi along with all papers of the court orders because the accused persons were from Sachal Goth Karachi. He visited Sachal and Gulistan-e-Johar police stations to submit the papers. After three days of his stay in Karachi, police arrested two accused persons, Abdul Kareem Marfani and Mehboob Marfani on 26 February at 6. PM. At 8.PM the station house officer (SHO) Abdul Salam telephoned to Jagirani to come to police station where Jagirani saw that many people from land mafia were present. The SHO told him that many powerful persons and officers from interior ministry are putting pressure on him to release the accused persons.

According to the Jagirani the SHO has also mentioned the name of Mr. Bashir Khan Quereshi, chief of Jeay Sindh Quomi Mahaz (JSQM), a nationalist group of Sindh, who was putting pressure on him to release the accused. The SHO urged victim’s father not to follow his case. In the meantime, another accused person, Abdul Hafeez Marfani, arrived and was treated with respect by the SHO who told him to sit in another room. Jagirani felt insecure asked the SHO to drop him at the main road. After two hours the arrested persons were released allegedly after bribing the officers.

Jagirani then contacted Mr. Nasrullah Baloch, member of Sindh assembly from Sukkur district, who raised the case rape of the girl in the assembly. The minister of interior, Dr. Zulfiqar Mirza, replied on the question and promised that he would do his best in this case. But the minister never contacted the victim’s father and did nothing.

Until now no accused person has been arrested and the police are providing protection to the perpetrators.

The girl was a student of class ninth at the Government Girls School, Khairpur Mirs.

Sindhi Libido is Going Out of Control

Rehana Malik, 30, a lady health worker at Civil Hospital, Digri town, Mirpurkhas district, Sindh province, also an employee of the health department of the government of Sindh, was raped in her house while her husband was out for his daily job. On December 9, 2010 at 8 pm three police informers and gangsters entered her house, locked her children in a room and one gangster, Gulzar Arain, who is known to run a drug den, overpowered and raped the victim with the help of two police informers, Shahid Jat and Shoukat Jat.

The perpetrator, Arian raped her while the two accomplices held her hands and legs for the rape.

After the incident she went to Digri police station at 9.30 pm where she was told by the station house officer (SHO), Mr. Zulfiqar Khoso that as it was night nobody could record her statement and to come back the next day. She returned and spent the whole next day trying to file her report but in the evening was told that she should go back to home and the police station would send someone to see her. In the meanwhile news of the rape was reported in the media. The police telephoned her to come the house of Haji, an influential person of the town. There she found that police officials were also present. Haji and police officials pressured her to accept Rs. 10,000 (USD117) as compensation which she refused. One of the police officials, Munawar, the assistant sub inspector (ASI) took her signature on a plain paper forcefully saying he would make an application on her behalf. She asked the police officials to file a case of rape so that she could have a medical report.

It was only after five days of her rape, on December 13, that the FIR was filed. However, the FIR only mentioned that it had been an attempted rape. The report that Rehana had made mentioned that the accused person, Arain, actually raped her but this version was rejected by the SHO. The police cleverly deleted the names of the two other police informers from the FIR. She was given permission to have her medical checkup but as per their intention, any evidence of the assault had then been lost. On December 14, the SHO of Digri police station visited her house and pressured her to withdraw the case of rape against the perpetrators otherwise she would face problems for her family.

On February 26, Mr. Zulfiqar Mehar, the district police officer (DPO), the highest police officer of the district, also tried to coerce her to withdraw the case and said she would not get any positive response in the case. He further told her that the perpetrators would take revenge against her in the future.

The husband of her is a labourer and has to go to other town for his job.

Intelligence Officer Rapes Christian Woman for4 Days 

by Aftab Alexander Mughal

A Christian woman – SN, 24, from Christian Town Faisalabad  – was kidnapped and sexually assaulted by a Muslim man for 4 days at different places in Faisalabad and Lahore. The rapist left her at the railway station at Faisalabad and threatened that he would involve her parents in a bomb blast case if she told anybody about the incident.

The medical examination proved that she was sexually assaulted.

On April 25, SN told the investigation officer that Major Rana Atif kidnapped and raped her. However, at present, the rapist is at large.

SN was working with State Life Insurance Cooperation as a sales representative. On April 14, she was going to work when, on the way, a man dressed in black t-shirt and trousers called himself as intelligence police officer stopped and asked her for identification cards. He told her, “A call has been received against you, so show me your identification cards”. Later on, he forcefully took her to his residence and raped her continuously on gun point for 4 days.