On June 27, 2010, a large number of people held a sit-in on the main Abdullah Haroon Road in Karachi in protest against the murder of a brother of a gang-rape victim.

Sabir Soomro’s body was found in an area of Balochistan bordering Karachi on June 26.

The rape victim, Kainat Soomro, her family and other supporters gathered and tried to take the body to the Governor’s House to lodge a protest against the killing. However, a heavy contingent of police blocked roads and stopped the protesters near Zainab Market. The protesters staged a sit-in on the busy street, causing suspension of vehicular traffic.

MNA Marvi Memon of PML-Q joined the protesters and demanded justice for the victim’s family.

Sabir was picked up by police in Dadu a few months ago on the pretext that he was a suspect in a robbery case.

The hour-long protest forced Capital City Police Officer Waseem Ahmed to come to the place and to persuade the family to end their sit-in.

Mr Ahmed assured the protesters that an investigation would be carried out after the bereaved family lodged an FIR. He also arranged a telephonic conversation between Kainat Soomro and Sindh Home Minister Dr Zulfikar Mirza, who assured her of his full cooperation in the probe. After the assurance, Kainat Soomro and her family ended their protest.

Ambulances and police escort were arranged so that the body could be taken to Dadu for burial.

Subsequently, relatives of Sabir Soomro, the slain brother of rape survivor Kainat Soomro, held a demonstration on VVIP road in Mehar on June 28, demanding arrest of the killers.

SPO of Mehar Murtaza Mirani arrived at the spot, assured the family of Sabir of justice. Later they took the body to their house and then buried it at Baqar Shah graveyard under police security.

A police contingent, comprising an ASI and 10 police officials were deployed at the house of Kainat Soomro.

Sabir’s father Ghulam Nabi Soomro said that Warah police accompanied by Ali Hassan Buledi, father-in-law of Sabir, picked him up from their house on March 28 on the pretext that he was wanted in a robbery case. When they arrived at the police station, Ghulam Nabi said, the police said that they had not arrested Sabir.

He said that Ali Hassan Buledi and police officials killed his son after keeping him in illegal detention for three months.

On January 10, 2007, Kainat was gang-raped by Shaban Shaikh, Ihsan Thebo, Roshan and Ali Murad Thebo when she was student of class eight. She said that she had demanded justice and held series of protests with her family for the arrest of the accused but none of them was arrested.

On the other hand, she said, five fake FIRs of murder, theft and other crimes were registered against her and her family at different police station to pressure them to withdraw the case and settle the dispute through a jirga. She said that some people belonging Shaikh and Buledi communities had lodged cases against them.

She said that another brother of her, Bilawal, was also arrested and sent to jail for two months.

She alleged that Ali Hassan and other accused were annoyed with her and her family because she had refused to withdraw the case , therefore, they murdered her brother after kidnapping.

Zakia Soomro, mother of Sabir, said that Ali Hassan had received Rs5 million from the accused of gang-rape case to force them to withdraw the case. She said that Ali Hassan, Shaban Shaikh, Noomi Thebo besides some police officials were involved in the murder of her son. She threatened to commit suicide if killers of her son were not arrested.

DPO of Dadu Ghazi Salahuddin said the murder of Sabir had taken place in Balochistan and the FIR was lodged at Naal police station and expressed the hope the Naal police would properly investigate the case.

He said that that the home minister and IG of Sindh had asked him to conduct an inquiry into the matter.

He said that victim family can lodge an FIR of kidnapping and torturing Sabir against any accused, including police officers of Mehar police station, and assured that accused nominated in FIR would be arrested.

He said that security would be provided to family of Kainat.

Gang Raped For 50 Days

A woman, who received a stay order from court over a dispute on ownership of her house, was picked up by policemen and their informers and taken to a private detention centre where she was gang raped for more than 50 days.  

The rape victim’s cases against the accused policemen and their henchmen were withdrawn due to the controversy of the geographical jurisdiction of the police.  

The medical report of the rape was not issued even after one month following the medical examination. The victim and her family are in hiding because of continuous police threats to withdraw the case. The deputy inspector generals (DIGs) of the two districts of Karachi metropolitan city refused to entertain the complaints of the victim on the grounds of jurisdiction.

This has happened in a country, which claims to be an Islamic Republic and proudly announces that it is protecting the women’s rights. This case is one of the worst examples of how the police protect their own on the pretext of jurisdictions.


Mrs. Ruby Masih, aged 32 years, wife of Mr. Aijaz Masih, resident of N-37, street number 50, Sector 50, Mohammad Khan Goth (village) Korangi number 3-1/2, Karachi, was raped in a private detention center of the police for more than 50 days (from August 10 to September 30, 2010) by police constable Ishaque Masih of Mehmoodabad police station and plain clothed policemen known as informers.

Ruby purchased a house in April 2004, where she was living as tenant since 2000, from Mr. Iqbal Masih, son of Mr. Inayat Masih, a police informer of Mehmoodabad police station. She paid off the whole price of the house except Rs. 40,000 (USD 471) as per condition that it would be paid after possession of all papers regarding the ownership of the house. In the meanwhile, Constable Ishaque allegedly forged the papers and declared the property in the name of one Mrs. Marium Bibi. Ruby challenged the issue in a civil court vide case number 578/2010 against Marium Bibi, Constable Ishaque and Iqbal Masih, a police informer.

On 31 May, the court passed a stay order in favour of Ruby. On the same night in late hours, Police Constable Ishaque, Police Constable Shahid and others broke into the Ruby’s house and threw away all the belongings of her family and occupied it. She and her family shifted to another house on rent as the police refused them entry to their own premises.

On 7 June, Mr. Aijaz Masih, Ruby’s husband, a carpenter by profession, lodged a case of illegal occupation of his house and theft of gold ornaments with the Zaman Town police station against constables and their henchmen. The Zaman Town police did not take any action against the alleged perpetrators. Instead, the police filed a case against the complainant Mr. Aijaz, his uncle and his cousin for trespassing the house, assault or criminal force on a woman with intent to outrage her modesty, damaging property and other offence.

On 10 August when Ruby went to attend the court hearing of her case, Constable Ishaq Masih of Mehmoodabad police station, Karachi with the help of constable Shahid and police informers, Shahbaz Masih, Iqbal Masih and Ms. Marium Masih abducted her from outside the court premises in a car. Ruby was taken to Qaidabad, 30 kilometers away from the city court premises, at gun point. She was asked to withdraw the case against police men for occupying her house illegally. On her refusal she was dumped into a house, an illegal detention center used for torture, and was forced to drink a coloured water. She fainted and when she came to she found herself lying naked on a cot. Then constable Ishaque and Marium again asked her to withdraw the case against them. On her refusal constable Shahid, Constable Ishaque, police informers Iqbal Masih, Kamran and Munir allegedly raped her during her illegal detention of 52 days.

On 30 September, she was thrown onto the railway line at Cantonment Railway Station from where she was taken away by an ambulance and admitted in the Jinnah Hospital. She informed her husband and then she was shifted to Civil Hospital on instructions of doctors. Before her release from illegal detention, her husband, Aijaz, has filed an application before the Court of District and Session Magistrate on 19 September, pleading that his wife has been abducted by police constables and their henchmen and police refusing to file case against police officials. On the orders of the court the Korangi Industrial police station lodged an FIR (First Information Report) against the accused police officials and their henchmen for abducting Ruby and keeping her incommunicado.

On the same night police officials threw her in the jurisdiction of another police station, the Risala police station so that the FIR at Korangi police station should become ineffective.

A 13-Year Old Girl Gang Raped by PPP Men

In another tragic incident, the Sindh police has stopped the investigation into the case of a gang rape of a 13-year old girl as a result of the case involving powerful people, among them two lawyers belonging to People’s Party.  

A doctor, who is affiliated with the PPP, stopped the completion of the medical report, which confirmed the rape.  

The journalists reporting on the case were threatened by the provincial ministers to stop reporting on the involvement of the lawyers.  

In retaliation, the perpetrators of the gang rape filed a case of abduction against the victim’s father. The district executive health officer (DEO-Health) has shown his inability to issue the provisional medical report, which was already prepared by the government hospital.

The minor girl, Miss Naveeda Kalhoro (13), is a resident of Bhiria road, Ratey mohalla, Bhiria taluka, district Naushahro Feroze, Sindh province.

On October 26, 2010, she filed a First Information Report (FIR), a police document for legal process, accusing two lawyers from Peoples Lawyer Forum (PLF), a lawyer’s body of the ruling PPP, for subjecting her to gang-rape in a sugarcane field.

According to her statement, on October 26 at 6:30 p.m. six persons, armed with firearms, rushed into her house while she was cooking. They abducted her and took her on a motorcycle to a car parked at the roadside pushing her inside. The accused persons sitting in the car were identified as lawyer Mr. Abdul Salam Luhrani, general secretary of Peoples Lawyer Forum (PLF)–a lawyer’s organization of the ruling party in the Naushahro Feroze district; and his brother, lawyer Abdul Karim Luhrani “alias Abdul Raheem Lurahni”, former vice mayor of Bhiria taluka (Bhiria town).

They told her that she is being abducted because a girl from the Luhrani tribe (a tribe that the perpetrators belong to) has married a young man from her tribe, the Kalhoro tribe, in a love marriage. The marriage was conducted before the civil magistrate with the help of one of Naveeda’s brothers. The perpetrators wanted to take revenge on her brother for his help in arranging the love marriage.

Naveeda identified the men who have gang raped her as: Mr. Abdul Karim, alias Abdul Raheem Luhrani; Mr. Abdul Salam Ruhani, Mr. Hashim Luhrani, Mr. Baig Bux, alias Baigo Luhrani; Mushtaq Luhrani, Zaman Luhrani, Nisar Luhrani and an unknown person. However, later on, two of the accused, Abdul Salam Luhrani and Abdul Karim Luhrani, were dropped by the police due to pressure by the ruling party and a member of the provincial assembly who belong to the same area. The policemen were expected to have accepted a huge bribe to delete their names.

Naveeda explained that she was found on a roadside by the District Superintendent of Police (SP) and Bhiria Road police party, where she was thrown in a depleted condition. She was quickly admitted to the Naushahro Feroze district hospital, a government hospital. The doctor on duty conducted a medical examination and confirmed that she had been raped by more than one person.

The accused persons were arrested, but they were quickly granted interim bail because the medical report at that time was not made available. The female doctor Mamoona explained that she could not release the medical report without being cleared by the district Executive Health Officer (DEO-Health).