A local jirga of Kala Dhaka, a tribal area that has recently been declared a settled district, has decided to stone to death a couple for having illicit relations. One wonders if this is the only couple in that area, and in the country, having illicit relations. Who knows that they may be totally ignorant and some Taliban may be settle his personal score with the couple.

The jirga was convened when some locals alleged that they had seen the said man and woman together in the fields of Madakhail area; the word `seen’ should be noted here. They were not having sex but just together. The jirga issued a decree that the couple should be stoned to death. However, the man managed to escape after the jirga announced its decision. His house was set on fire on the order of the jirga.

After the escape of the man, the jirga held another session and upheld its earlier decree and shifted woman to a secret place in Manjakot area. Some religious scholars of the area, who were against the jirga’s decision, declared the woman innocent.

The woman, who belonged to Karachi, had married a man with physical disability seven years ago. She is mother of three children aging between two to six years.

It was the first jirga, which issued the decree after the government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa declared Kala Dhaka as a separate district and named it Torghar in last week of June 2010.

Meanwhile, another jirga in the same area threatened to launch protest movement if district administration allowed cable operators to work in Baffa area of Mansehra. This goes to show the writ of our governments and nullify the tall claims of our paindoo Interior Minister.

”If the administration wants to maintain peace in Baffa, it should ask the cable operators to wrap up the network as it will spread vulgarity in the area,” said a member of the jirga.

The situation is still tense in Baffa after the religious scholars accompanied by locals stormed the office of cable network and beat up its employees.