As Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) predicts more monsoon rains in the coming days, the worst victims of rains and breaches in a monsoon-swollen Left Bank Outfall Drain (LBOD) in Badin district — the Pakistani low caste Hindus (Dalits) of the districts are being denied to get in to relief camps for being ‘untouchables.’

In the last five weeks when monsoon-swollen drains and LBOD burst its banks and caused recent history’s worst ever catastrophic disaster, the so-called traditional bigotry continues to run deeper than the floodwaters.

Despite torrential rains majority of these Hindu Dalits in Badin district continue to live in open sky as they were not allowed accommodation in the private/self-built relief camps of Muslims.

What adds to the tragedy is the federal government’s ban on NGOs and international donors to work in these areas for ‘security reasons.’ As the government itself initiated relief operation much later, the religious extremist organizations that started relief operation in Badin have completely ignored these dalits or harijan, which means ‘Children of God’.

The people living inside the camps say that these dalits are shudra, and cannot be allowed to live with Muslims.

There are countless dalit villages including villages on Khoski road, Seerani, Lonwari Shrief and other areas where dalits are living this way because they are not allowed a place in the relief camps.

As rains continue to wash away the agricultural and residential lands in Sindh, religious bias has yet to be estranged.

The situation remains tough for the PPP-led government, which not only hails from Sindh but always claim to work indiscriminately as well.