Veena Controversy is Pre-arranged to Give Her Publicity

A furor has erupted in India and Pakistan involving a men’s magazine, a seemingly nude Pakistani actress and a tattoo of the initials of ISI on her arm. Many are of the opinion that it is all a farce on Veena’s part to give her publicity and on the magazine’s part to boast up the sales; they say that all that we are witnessing like exchange of legal notices and statements in the media are stage managed for this very purpose.

The uproar follows the release of FHM India’s December issue, which features screen star Veena Malik appearing to pose naked on its cover. If that’s not shocking enough for traditional Indians and Pakistanis, images inside show her holding what looks like a grenade and bearing the tattooed letters “ISI”.

But the actress claims the images were doctored and her agreement with the magazine was thus violated. Somewhat bizarrely, considering the picture sprawled across the cover, Malik insisted she never even posed naked for the magazine.

“If I had posed nude for the magazine, I would be the first to admit it,” CNN reports she said. “But I didn’t agree to this and they are wrong. I did not go for this, and I am deeply shocked and depressed about what has happened.”

Malik’s lawyer, Ayaz Bilawala, told the BBC that his client will sue FHM India and has asked it to withdraw all copies from newsstands. He has sent a legal notice to the magazine seeking $1.9 million in damages. Bilawala explained that the agreement required Malik would be shown all the photographs from the shoot prior to public display. He didn’t dispute the ISI tattoo, but pointed out numerous organizations worldwide used the same acronym.

FHM India has reportedly dismissed her objections as “completely and entirely false” and said it has video evidence to show the shoot’s authenticity. The magazine’s editor told the BBC that writing “ISI” on Malik’s arm was his idea, but she was the one to propose writing it in block letters.  The intention was lighthearted, editor Kabeer Sharma noted. “InIndia we joke about this,” he said. “If anything goes wrong… we say the ISI must be behind this.”

Maybe not so coincidentally, Malik – who stoked controversy for her “un-Islamic” behavior inIndia’s version of Big Brother last year – has a new reality TV show launching soon. Perhaps there’s just no such thing as bad publicity for all parties concerned.
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One Response

  1. Fatwa` issued on Veena Malik by Indian Muslim body

    What to make out of a country where a governor of a province is shot dead in broad day light from behind his back by his own guard who is then glorified by the society as a hero, and when a court, that passes a judgment against the guard, is ransacked by 400 lawyers in support of the killer.

    The governor was killed because he was questioning the validity of the blasphemy charges (punishable by death under the Islamic law of Sharia) held against a poor illiterate Christian woman.
    And when the governor’s son raises his voice against this killing, the son himself is kidnapped (also in broad daylight)

    Hardly, any religious leader or organization, in east or west, condemned the acts of killing, ransacking and kidnapping.
    And what to make out of the same country of which a woman actor poses semi nude for a magazine cover and that act shakes up a large sector of the community, and the woman is condemned and excommunicated by the religious leaders and organization for defaming Islam and the country in the eyes of the world.

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