The Balochistan population (Baloch, Pashtun, Brahvi, Hazarra and settlers) are not adequately represented in the Federal decision and policy making, economic exploitation which is akin to the circumstances surrounding the 1971 East Pakistan debacle.

The fact is that the 1973 Constitution is contradictory in its articles and fundamental rights enshrined in it. Articles 1, 246, 247 and 245 as examples are relevant in this regard.

Balochistan has 30 districts but only 14 seats in the National Assembly. Clause 7 of the Kalat State Accession document signed by Jinnah and Khan of Kalat, witnessed by A.B.S. Shah, Foreign secretary of Pakistan, called for special provisions in relation to any Constitution of the Dominion not being applicable to Kalat without approval of the Kalat State’s Parliament which had been the democratic governance structure of Kalat since 1666 when Nasir Khan the first (Khan of Kalat), developed the loose Confederation of all Baloch tribes in form the Union of Kalat States. The houses were called ‘Dar-ul-Umra’ Upper house and ‘Dar-ul-Awam” lower house.

In the historical context, all genuine demands for the socio-economic and political rights of the Baloch were answered with bullets, hangings, incarcerations, dismissal of elected governments, 4 resistance wars, 1948, 1958, 1962-68, 1973-77 and the present day situation of over 450 mutilated bodies dumped at desolated places, over 1,300 still missing.

Naturally the Baloch youth is fighting back and demanding independence when you have pushed them to the wall, killed their genuine political leadership and handed over control of Balochistan to the FC, ISI, MI and IB who are running a parallel government.

What have the Baloch done to deserve this kind of treatment. In 1947 when Pakistan had no funds to run its government it was Jinnah’s friend and client, Khan of Kalat, Ahmed Yar Khan, who gave the Pakistan State a ton of gold to meet its expenses.

Until 2007, there was no hatred between the Punjabi’s and Baloch. It was only after the extra judicial murder of Nawab Akbar Bugti that this hatred was propagated by the establishment. The Punjabis came to Balochistan in 1901 as railway labor when the British were making the railway for their army to be able to get to Chaman for their invasion of Afghanistan. Since then to 2007 they were never harmed.

Open Letter to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

on crimes against humanity in Balochistan

Dated: 28/07/2013

Dear Sir,

The Baloch Social Media Activists forum would like to draw your kind attention towards the heinous crimes that the occupying Pakistani army is committing against humanity in Balochistan on daily basis.

In order to contain the Baloch Freedom Movement, the Pakistani state has adopted a sinister strategy of eliminating the intellectuals and activists of Baloch society –with its systematic ‘dirty war’ which generally is called “kill and dump policy”.

Intelligence agencies abduct Baloch political activists and subject them to untold agonizing tortures and subsequently throw their mutilated dead bodies on deserted areas across Balochistan.

Since September, 2011 more than 700 mutilated dead bodies of around 18000 abducted Baloch political activists have been gifted to Baloch nation.

The fates of the rest are unknown as Pakistani Guantanamo Bays abound in Balochistan and are off-limits to Human rights organizations and local as well as international media.

Despite respected internal and international human right organizations like Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, Human Rights Commission of Pakistan reports and courts orders, Pakistani state adamantly refuses to acknowledge and own the crimes against humanity that its security apparatus have committed and are committing in Balochistan.

Pakistani state’s failure to observe universal human rights declaration is evident from the fact that no Baloch political activist accused of terrorist activities that Pakistan army alleges has been brought before courts to date. In Balochistan Pakistani state sponsored terrorism goes on unabated since it was unleashed during Musharraf era despite the fact that almost all international human rights organizations, including America, Canada and Members of European Union expressed their deep concern about grave human rights situation in Balochistan.

Pakistani state policies have never changed on Baloch human rights issues, regardless of the fact that it was a dictator in the form of Gen Musharraf or so called democrats like Zardari or Nawaz Sharif. All are pursuing an oppressive containment policy devised by dominant Punjabi military establishment to suppress Baloch nation’s sovereign democratic rights to govern themselves.

Within this month alone more than 28 people have been abducted and 23 mutilated dead bodies have been thrown on deserted areas by security agencies from different parts of Balochistan.

Military operations have internally forced Baloch people to seek refuge in Sindh, Punjab and Afghanistan. But in these areas too Baloch refugees are not spared of Pakistani atrocities.

The Pakistani army of Islamic republic consists of more than 700,000 thousands personnel and armed with all imagined sophisticated weapons and one third of it is deployed in Balochistan. It is an occupying army and acts like one.

Its savagery is well-known in the history of mankind. It is now repeating the brutalities it committed in Bangladesh during 1971 Bangladesh independence war in Balochistan. The current Nawaz Sharif’s so called democratic government is no better than the previous dictators and pseudo democrats. It has now setup a new task force to resolve the missing persons’ crisis.

Ironically this task force is comprised of those people and institutions who themselves are involved in crimes against humanity in Balochistan.

The Chairman of the Voice for Baloch Missing Persons (VBMP), Nasurullah Baloch has rejected it and clarified that it was a hoodwinking attempt on the part of Nawaz government to put the issue of Baloch missing persons forever in abeyance. Pakistan’s dirty war against humanity in Balochistan is all about the containment of Baloch nation from regaining their lost sovereignty.

Baloch Social Media Activists (BSMA), the association of Baloch social media campaigners across the world representing the collective voice of Baloch nation gagged by Pakistan, urges the United Nations Human Rights Council to intervene in Balochistan crisis and stop Pakistan occupying forces from committing further Baloch genocide.


Mir Balach, Baloch