The Communist Party of Pakistan since its inception in March 1948 is proving to be a constipated organization, facing one hurdle after another. It was declared illegal in 1954 by the government.

After the ban, and arrests of scores of its members, including  its leaders, Party members took part in elections either as independent candidates or under cover of alliances and mostly had their deposits forfeited by the electorate. Party suffered the hardest time of its life from 1954 to 1988 at the hands of the State.

Many of its leaders moved into exile, indulging in communist masturbation in London while many of its workers suffered torture at the hands of the intelligence agencies in Pakistan’s torture cells.

Clip_208After General Zia’s death in August 1988, Party started semi open political activity and in 1991  decided to function openly using  its name in the public. From 1991 till 2008, the Party candidates participated in the elections as independent candidates.

Recently, a Communist Party has been registered by the Election Commission which is disputed by another group. The registered communist group says that the Party has renounced its past stand and pledges now to bourgeois electoral politics at its 2002 Congress.

The non registered group says that the man heading the registered party was  expelled from the Party in 2005 for supporting the religious laws introduced by the then MMA Government in the Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa. It is claimed that this registered organization has no political document of its own nor any provincial or district committee in any part of the country.

The Election Commission has now turned down the application of the other group for registration on the pretext that Marxism Leninism  is being  declared the ideological foundation of the Party.  The Election Commission has said that Pakistan being an Islamic state, sovereignty belongs to Allah. The Commission asked the applicant Party to remove reference to Marxist Leninist ideological foundation from the Party’s constitution if it desired registration and participation in the political process of country.

The applicant Party rejected this offer and called the Commission’s objection a violation of Freedom of Association and Speech as protected by the Constitution and totally illegal.

Interestingly, the other faction of the Communist Party calling itself CPP, having no ideological foundation and openly detesting dialectical materialism as claimed by the unregistered group has been granted registration by the Commission.

The total supporters of the various factions of Communist Parties in Pakistan number a few hundred in this nation of 180 million. Despite this, all the leaders’ energies are wasted fighting each other rather than doing something for the cause. They lack sincerity and perhaps genuine belief in the Marxist Leninist ideology.