Why Do the Pak Communists Keep Fighting Each Other Rather Than the Exploiters?

The Communist Party of Pakistan since its inception in March 1948 is proving to be a constipated organization, facing one hurdle after another. It was declared illegal in 1954 by the government.

After the ban, and arrests of scores of its members, including  its leaders, Party members took part in elections either as independent candidates or under cover of alliances and mostly had their deposits forfeited by the electorate. Party suffered the hardest time of its life from 1954 to 1988 at the hands of the State.

Many of its leaders moved into exile, indulging in communist masturbation in London while many of its workers suffered torture at the hands of the intelligence agencies in Pakistan’s torture cells.

Clip_208After General Zia’s death in August 1988, Party started semi open political activity and in 1991  decided to function openly using  its name in the public. From 1991 till 2008, the Party candidates participated in the elections as independent candidates.

Recently, a Communist Party has been registered by the Election Commission which is disputed by another group. The registered communist group says that the Party has renounced its past stand and pledges now to bourgeois electoral politics at its 2002 Congress.

The non registered group says that the man heading the registered party was  expelled from the Party in 2005 for supporting the religious laws introduced by the then MMA Government in the Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa. It is claimed that this registered organization has no political document of its own nor any provincial or district committee in any part of the country.

The Election Commission has now turned down the application of the other group for registration on the pretext that Marxism Leninism  is being  declared the ideological foundation of the Party.  The Election Commission has said that Pakistan being an Islamic state, sovereignty belongs to Allah. The Commission asked the applicant Party to remove reference to Marxist Leninist ideological foundation from the Party’s constitution if it desired registration and participation in the political process of country.

The applicant Party rejected this offer and called the Commission’s objection a violation of Freedom of Association and Speech as protected by the Constitution and totally illegal.

Interestingly, the other faction of the Communist Party calling itself CPP, having no ideological foundation and openly detesting dialectical materialism as claimed by the unregistered group has been granted registration by the Commission.

The total supporters of the various factions of Communist Parties in Pakistan number a few hundred in this nation of 180 million. Despite this, all the leaders’ energies are wasted fighting each other rather than doing something for the cause. They lack sincerity and perhaps genuine belief in the Marxist Leninist ideology.

2 Responses

  1. Awami Workers Party appeals to all its members and supporters to donate funds for the party. AWP is launching an appeal to raise at least 50 Lakh Rupees ($50,000) by 31st January 2013. This will enable AWP to function in all parts of the country as an effective progressive force. AWP workers are already making massive financial and personal sacrifices to ensure that the party functions on an everyday basis.

    Dear Farooq Tariq: In order to raise 50 Lakhs please ask Mr Minto to sell his Model town house . I am sure he can get at least 2 crore for that. Out of which he can then donate 50 Lakh and use the rest to by a house in a cheaper locality. If he does not agree then kindly ask Mr Jamil Umer to sell his J block house. He can fetch even more. And then he can move into a cheaper locality too. Then it would look nice for the party to ask those who work on less than minimum wage for donations.
    Dont you agree?


    _Dear Comrade Amjad Mirza

    I am shocked with your reply to Comrade Farooq Tariq as he reminded your commitment.
    I am sure that you still remember our lovely comrade Dr Ayub Mirza, who sold his Islamabad house few years ago for more than 4 crore. But we believe he was a Progressive, Marxist, Communist…. and we are proud that he stood firmly with his ideology until his last breath.

    We also know that he was neither a feudal lord, nor an industrialist. He was intelligent professional and earns good money without exploitation of any individual.

    If anybody writing such comments or abusive language about comrade Dr Ayub Mirza, I would only say that he/she is a immature activist and is a childish attitude. We do not believe entering into such debate, abusive language or character assassinations of others. We believe that a day can come when we will work together.

    You know, after reading your comments I laugh on myself remembering our role in mid 80’s when few youngsters of Pakistan Socialist Party (I was one of them) started personal attacks against some of our senior comrades and ultimately split our party. It took 12 years to reunite. Now we feel that was a shameful act.

    All Marxists use slogan “Workers of the World, Unite!” in practice, we play major role to divide them. Why???????

    Best regards

    Pervez Fateh
    Leeds, UK
    Cell: +44 (0)795 854 1672
    E-mail: pervezf@yahoo.com

    Dear Pervez, I am glad that you brought my father into the equation. He was a Stalinist too and my relationship with him remained strained all my life until just a few years before his death. I delivered speeches against his Stalinist pro-China stance. I lived in China and could see with my own eyes that the kind of socialism I expected was not there at all. Can discuss this later.

    Coming back to your nasty e mail. In 2003 I succeeded in convincing my father that he should sell all his property and spend the money in the way of revolution. It was at that moment that he went to Pk and sold the property and gave me 85 lakh with which I went to Pakistan to set up a parallel media and production house. So my father cleared himself of any misdoing before he passed away. That is why I have launched Dr Ayub Mirza +Trust in his name and so far we have set up 4 community schools in Lahore.

    Farooq never help me despite my numerous requests to use our facility for revolutionary purposes. What he preferred however was to PAY for our services through NGO money to make short videos of his NGO work including their participation in the world social forum. He is an out right opportunist and will use Minto’s party as a ‘gunderi’. He is using all the left just to satisfy his ambition to get elected to the parliament. My God 50 Lakh for building a electioneering party?

    The only thing common between you and him is TOBA. Other than that I would strongly recommend that you stop fooling yourself and others in Manchester. I hope this will satisfy your anxiety.

    Amjad Ayub Mirza


  2. Soon you will see the positive side as well. I wish you could see the counter-revolutionary character of AWP.

    Awami Worker Party has no future in Pakistani politics. It is just another sectarian grouping of the so called left on a conservative social democratic program. It is a party of the corrupt pimps of the urban petty bourgeoise and the so called civil society that has united in the name of the working class but actually are following an anti-working class program promoting class collaboration between those whose power of labour is usurped and those who reap the benefits of that loot and I will fight against it on all forums.

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