IMG_3626The PPP supporters are mad at the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court for ordering the arrest of the PM and at Tahirul Qadri was launching his dharna, preceded by the Long March. There is little doubt that the time of the CJ Order regarding the arrest is odd, coming in the midst of the dharna.

But should not we be more concerned about the end rather than the means?

Can anyone refute a single word that Qadri uttered in his speech on Jan 15? Each and every word was true.

There is hardly any institution left in the country and people grab whatever they can for their and the nation’s salvation. The Supreme Court also issues its orders in installments and they are mostly timed with political developments. However, notwithstanding the time, the orders always move in the right direction.

Qadri may or may not achieve for he is striving for. However, at least he is trying.

Otherwise, we will hold the elections and will end up with the same set of jack asses…