Catch Water Where It Falls – Toolkit on Urban Rainwater Harvesting

Clip_63This is a hands-on book with exhaustive case studies on how rainwater harvesting (RWH) is being implemented, right across India – in residential, institutional, and industrial/ commercial segments. You will find cases that you can relate to with all the details you would need, to implement RWH in your premises – right from preparing your water budget, harvesting for storage/recharge to maintenance and beyond.

Water is what urban India is fighting for today. Cities across the country are facing the crippling effects of acute water scarcity. There is hardly any city that can boast of a 24-hour water supply. Groundwater tables are falling rapidly, centuries-old water bodies have disappeared or are severely polluted. Urban floods are becoming a regular phenomenon during monsoons. In addition to this, most of our rivers have become carriers of urban filth.

This is giving rise to a nightmarish scenario in which urban populations – mainly the urban poor – are at the receiving end. Our effort in publishing this toolkit is to re-train and re-skill a generation of Indians who have lost touch with nature’s most precious gift – rain.

The book documents the experiences of diverse segments, and most importantly, the new innovations adopted – from the design of filters to rainwater harvesting sumps etc. This innovation is what the society needs as it rebuilds its knowledge of living with nature.

The best part is there are easy solutions out there to address this serious issue, and many are already implementing them. And we owe it to ourselves and the coming generations to implement them, before it is too late.

3 Responses

  1. Nice teaser…how about providing a link to the publication, or at least to the organisation that produced it

  2. more than anything water is necessary and if a steady source become available for urban dwellers a lot of stress will be relieved

  3. Babar: Here is the link for you….

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