Orya Maqbool Jan writes in Dunya that a real religious scholar is the one who is educated on a mat of a mosque for decades and has written books on the supremacy of Islam.

Democracy is a fraud. We are all in trouble of one kind or another today because of the un-Islamic banking system.

Democracy, free media and judiciary are a fitna. Our journalists fear nobody. They can publish anything against anyone and get away with it.

171298_149889901735767_100001442757621_287347_3798033_oSleeveless outfits are haram

Responding to a question by a reader, Aapa Hammad writes in Khwateen Ka Islam that sleeveless or half-sleeved outfits are haram for women unless they wear it for their husbands in the bedroom. 

She said unnatural sex between a husband and a wife was haram, although some men try to justify it. But during her menstrual periods, a woman could satisfy her man using other methods.

Pakistanis are the wisest nation in the world

Writing in Dunya, Rauf Klasra says his foreigner friend was surprised to hear about a survey according to which Germans were the wisest nation in the world. He thought Pakistanis were the wisest nation in the world because even the children here are politicians and experts on everything under the sun. The people of the West cannot even imagine the number of conspiracy theories that Pakistani children have memorized.

Media presents gloomy picture of Pakistan

Daily Jang quotes PM Raja Pervez Ashraf as saying that the situation in Pakistan is not bad at all. It is the media that presents a gloomy picture of Pakistan.

Donkeys are in demand

Nawae Waqt reports in its famous column Sare Rahe that a political party has asked for the election symbol of a donkey. The Election Commission has banned certain symbols like a donkey, a Lota and a shoe. But now that we know donkeys are in demand, if the request is approved, the price of donkeys will increase.

Flog those who celebrate Valentine’s Day

Reported in daily Jasarat (Feb 12), Mufti Naeem, administrator of Jamia Binoria in Karachi, has demanded a ban on Valentine’s Day celebrations declaring them un-Islamic, immoral and obscene. He said those who celebrate the day should be tried under Hudood laws and flogged in public. He accused the West of promoting obscenity through the Valentine’s Day.

Iran should drop nuclear bomb on its enemy

Quoted in daily Islam, Pir Izharul Bokhari says he hopes Iran will not keep its nuclear bomb in a beautiful cupboard in its drawing room but show the courage to use it when the enemy will threaten it. He urged the Pakistani government to drop a nuclear bomb on India if it crossed the Line of Control again.

Women wearing lenses will face God’s wrath

Weekly Jarar says women are not allowed to wear contact lenses. It is a great sin. When women wear lenses, the color of their eyes becomes attractive and lures strangers. Such women will face the wrath of God.

Women can also not wear sunglasses because it makes them look seductive and invites male attention.

Hoodbhoy is a traitor

Daily Jasarat criticizes renowned scientist Dr Pervez Hoodbhoy for writing a book in which he allegedly said Pakistan’s nuclear weapons were unsafe, or could fall into Al Qaeda’s hands.
It says everybody knows Hoodbhoy is a traitor. He dug a symbolic grave for Dr AQ Khan when Pakistan went nuclear.

Revealing clothes cause breast cancer

Writing in Khwateen Ka Islam, Aapa (Auntie) Hammad says 53% women suffer from breast cancer in Pakistan. The reason is that they wear thin and revealing shirts, which are forbidden in Islam. Breast cancer is a wrath of God for such women.