enhanced-buzz-26946-1337192454-10Copper vessels kill germs

Forget water purifiers (Aqua Guard / Pure it), and follow grandma’s age-old principle of storing water in copper tumblers to keep away diseases like typhoid, cholera, gastroenteritis and uncontrolled loose motions.

Thousands are spent on designer taps, water purifiers for safe gaurds, but the age old traditional copper vessels, utensils, taps, doors etc have now proved to be anti-bacteria which safe gaurds, this shows our ancestors knowledge of depth in every aspect of healthy living.

Water, if stored in copper vessels for about 24 hours, gets purified as the harmful bacteria present in it become inactivated or gets destroyed.

Copper attacks the DNA and other protein molecules present in the bacteria and causes them severe injury. This injury later leads to their death. For bacteria to die it takes about 24 hours.

For countries where pure drinking water is a dream in many localities and for a vast section of its people, this tradition of storing water in copper vessels reduces the chance of a number of infections, she pointed out.

The researchers tested the anti-bacterial effect of copper against bacteria like Salmonella Typhi, Salmonella typhimurium, Vibrio cholerae and E coli. They found that copper can kill these harmful pathogens present in contaminated water.

The copper vessel should be pure with at least 95 per cent copper and five per cent zinc. If the copper content is less than 95 per cent it will not kill the harmful pathogens. In the studies we have taken 99 per cent pure copper vessels.


Copper Kills Salmonella, Other Microbes


Copper vessel keeps germs in water away 

Copper can destroy undesirable virus & bacteria. It is interesting that the Ayurveda new this, when bacteria were unknown to science! Ayurveda recommends storing water in Copper Vessels.

Ancient Egyptians used Copper Vessels to keep water fresh.

Even today, management of Siva temple at Rameswaram uses large sized Copper vessels to store water brought from river Ganges to offer to lord Siva. Water, stored thus, stays fresh for years together.

According to scientists, copper vessel can be the answer to kill the `E-Coli’ bacteria which causes food poisoning. British scientists are carrying out research on copper and concluded that copper ions kill these harmful bacteria, a capability not found in any other metals including gold.

It is interesting to see that a research group from Southampton University found that Coli 157 bacteria can live happily in stainless steel vessels for months together, while copper vessel at room temperature can kill them in just four hours. At 20 degree Centigrade, in the stainless steel vessel, those bacteria live for 34 days, while in brass vessel they live only for 4 days.

Thus if one uses copper vessels for storing water in factories, shops, hospitals, restaurants, we can get rid of the risk of these food poisoning bacteria. Though stainless steel is much used for its shine and cleanliness, the copper is more useful material for vessels.

Clip_87Copper and Fertility

The advantages of drinking copper water was pointed out by Andrew Saul, Contributing Editor for the Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine, while speaking on fertility, conception & family planning. In his own words -“If you want to conceive, try having the man take mega doses of vitamin C for a few weeks prior. At least 6,000 milligrams a day, and as much as 20,000 mg/day guarantees very high sperm production. Divide the dose throughout the day for maximum effect. And that effect is what, exactly? More sperm, stronger sperm, and better swimming sperm all occurred, at even lower daily C doses, in a University of Texas.

Continued high doses of Zinc can produce a Copper deficiency & sometimes a Copper deficiency anemia. This is very easy to compensate for. To begin with, most Americans have copper water pipes in their homes. Drink a glass or two of cold water first out of the tap every morning and you’ll get copper. Secondly, eat more raisins and other Copper-high foods. Third, take a multiple vitamin (as you should be doing anyway) with Copper in it.

Finally, do what those sexpots in India have been doing for thousands of years. Buy a Copper metal cup, fill it with cold water at bedtime, and drink it first thing the next morning!!!

It is also seen that Copper water becomes “sharp” and gets readily absorbed by our body, reaches cells in about 45 minutes. Hence, it is generally recommended that after Ushapan (Drinking water in morning), one should give a gap of 45 minutes before taking tea or coffee. Copper water is also recommended to people suffering from vitiligo, where it helps formation of melanin. After starting on copper water, many do not need cold water to satisfy the thirst. With yoga, pranayama and other breathing techniques, senses become so sharp that taste and quality of water can be sensed adequately. Though copper water is slightly ionic, it does not cause gastric acidity to increase. On the other hand, due to increased Agni and digestion, acidity reduces.