Najam Sethi, now a bosom friend of Zardari, has been appointed as caretaker CM Punjab as a reward for keeping mum on his mega corruptions during present continuing rule. He was also the  ehtesab adviser to prime minister during 1996 caretaker govt. of Mr. Leghari, investigating corruption of Zardari and Benazir during their 1993-96 rule.

He is now preparing ground for re-election of Zardari.

See a video prepared by BBC named as “PRINCESS N PLAYBOY” soon after dismissal of Benazir govt. of 1993-96 by Farooq Leghari on corruption of the couple. Mr. Najam Sethi is star evidence testifying n investigating against corruption of Zardari and Bhutto in the documentary as ehtesab minister of caretaker setup.

Mr. Sethi is telling BBC that the couple was partners in crime and he has evidence to prove that. He, said that Zardari has ruined Benazir’s political career.

Look at the peculiar mindset of the gentleman in two caretaker setups—Once as Ehtesab Advisor in 1996 persecuting Zardari and now as CM Punjab rewarding Zardari.