The Right to Democracy

The word “Democracy” comes from the Greek word demokratia, from demos ‘the people’, and -kratia which means ‘power, rule.’

“Democracy” therefore means “power of the people.”

How is democracy supposed to work?  

People have simple wishes. They want a leader who will make these wishes come true. Through the voting process, the people elect individuals to the government’s top positions. Those who get the majority vote are given the power to run the country.

What should those elected to power in government do?

They should serve and keep their promises to the public, who voted for them and gave them power.

What are the people’s wishes?

They want peace on the streets, a good job that is earned on merit, no torture, no slavery, no corruption, freedom to express themselves, religious freedom and no discrimination. Simply stated, they want the 30 Human Rights.

These 30 Rights are the values of democracy.

These values should be practised in our daily lives, in our own homes and at our work places. This is how we set the foundation of the values of democracy in our society.

How do we judge those in power?

Did they do a good or bad job while they ruled? You can evaluate a government to be successful to the degree it ensures the Rights of People, without discrimination.

Gaining power through the method of democracy and then ruling as a dictator, does not in any way undermine the concept of democracy. It just reflects badly on those in power, who showed themselves to be self-indulgent, corrupt, motivated by greed and who therefore failed to serve the public.

The public want a government that will grant and protect the rights of individuals. They expect those elected to serve the people, by giving people their basic rights. The doors of democracy in Pakistan will be opened provided the public makes those in power accountable.

The people of Pakistan deserve the best.