Clip_11Since January 2013, when an Indian soldier was beheaded at the LOC, India has been violating the ceasefire at the LOC. The recent killing of five soldiers by Kashmir mujihideen and which India blames on the Pakistan Army has resulted in constant shelling by India at the LOC and resultant killing of innocent citizens.

The sad part is silence on the part of Pakistan’s media, its civil society, its intellectuals and its politicians. Except for Jamaati Islami and few fundamentalist leaders, there is no voice of protest. Does it tell you something about the state of affairs in Pakistan?

In 2012, ICAC Bombay and Gallery 6 Islamabad initiated dialogue for art promotion between the two countries.

In 2013, painting shows of Pakistani artists were to be organized in India,  and in 2014 of Indian artists in Pakistan.

The first show was held in Bombay in Feb 2013. Following this, the exhibitions were scheduled to be held in Ahmedabad, Delhi and Chennai. The second show opened at Ni Gufa Amdavad in Ahmedabad on 13 August and was to continue till 18 August.

The gallery was attacked on 16 Aug and most paintings were badly damaged or destroyed.

The Indian artists for obvious nationalistic reasons and perhaps of being scared of the Hindutva forces have failed to condemn it. But hardly a voice has been raised in protest in Pakistan on this issue.

Artists around the world share the same space and sphere of creativity that is above politics, religion and other conflicting issues. Art and artists need to stay connected through creative freedom and flow, otherwise it could badly harm their growth and also hamper the evolution and progress in the field of art.

Art has no religion. Art is global and any kind of vandalism is condemnable. Artists are the creators of future.

Every religion promotes peace and respect for each other. Now there is more need for every thinker in both the countries to come more closer and defy the designs of those who want to destroy peace for their political or vested interests.