Clip_31For the umpteenth time, the federal and the Sindh provincial governments have initiated targeted operation to cleanse Karachi of terrorists and criminals.

One fails to see why the Sindh government has not yet imposed a ban on pillion-riding in the city, especially since this is the primary means of transport used by criminals in 99 per cent cases of targeted killings, armed robbery, extortion, arson, etc.

One only has to look at the news reports to verify the same.

By imposing such a ban, the authorities can effectively deprive criminals of their primary getaway vehicle and make it much harder for them to carry out such activities.

In a congested city like Karachi, it is far more difficult to get away in a car (or similar four-wheel transport) than it is on a motorbike.

A person on a motorbike can squeeze through traffic jams, past red traffic signals and quickly disappear in narrow lanes and alleys. This is the reason why motorcycle is mostly used by target killers, mobile phone snatchers, extortionists and the likes.

Pillion-riding should, therefore, be permanently banned in Karachi, with the exception of women, children and the elderly, if the government wishes to restore law and order in the city.