Clip_5A nation where rice is Rs.40/- per kg and SIM Card is free.

Where a pizza you have ordered reaches home faster than an ambulance or
police, even if you were being murdered or having a heart attack

A nation where a car loan is charged at 5% but an education loan is charged an interest of 12%.

A nation where students with 45% get into elite institutions through the quota system and those with 90% are sent away because of merit.

A nation where a millionaire buys a cricket team, spending crores instead of donating the money to any charity.  

A nation where two IPL teams were auctioned at 3300 crores, yet still a poor country where people starve for two square meals per day. 

A country where ordinary salary tax payer is punished/fine for error in paying little less in tax, but the IPL collecting thousands crores has not paid any income tax and no body has issue on it. 

A country where footwear is sold in AC showrooms, but the vegetables we eat,
are sold on the footpath and often next to garbage dumps.

A nation where everybody wants to be famous, not by doing good for others, but by looting others and finally getting their names in the newspapers through some scam or other!

Its a strange nation we live in, where assembly complex buildings get ready within a year while public bridges, flyovers and sea links take several years even to get off the drawing board and another decade to be completed

We have malls, and sky-rises, with slums forming their boundary wall.

A country where men and women squat on railway tracks, with no where else to
go while watching them from windows, are couples with three bathrooms and one for the guests 

A country where politicians who are supposed to serve the people accept
money from the same people they are supposed to serve, then take a salary from the government for their services to the people

We are a nation where we talk in hushed whispers about the corruption in the
country and then dig into our pockets to bribe a cop when we are caught cutting a red light.

A country where to get service in police needs minimum qualification a graduation, whereas no qualification is required to get elected to run the government.

A country where our soldiers are arrested on border and jailed by neighbouring  countries and do not get proper food/ facilities, where as militants from neighbouring countries when arrested and jailed in our jails are served  biryani on demand.