Clip_10Obama is a rocky road to truth for people in search of  Obama’s original birth certificate, or for that matter, anything else regarding his past. Countless lawsuits, conspiracy theories, pundits, court lawsuits, and out-and-out hostile folks have demanded he produce his long form birth certficate from Kapi’olani Medical Center in Honolulu, Hawaii.

So what’s all the fuss? Why haven’t the “birthers” gone away after 5 years of Obama in the White House? It’s because Americans sense that he’s not “one of us,” not just from the birth certificate issue, but by his actions. And they believe strongly that he was never eligible to become President in the first place.

Probes: In 2011, Tim Adams, former senior elections clerk at the City and County of Honolulu, swore in an affidavit for World Net Daily that even his own supervisors told him that there was no “long form” certificate for the birth of Barack Hussein Obama on file with the Hawaii Department of Health.

In Hawaii, a parent can request a “certificate of live birth” when the child was not born on the islands. The “long form” is for babies born at island hospitals, and the certificate of live birth is for children born at home or on foreign soil.

In a desperate attempt to shut people up, Obama finally released what he touted as the  ”long form” certificate.  The problem was that he restricted access to the “original” so rigidly that people became suspicious that it was a forgery.  Savannah Guthrie, a reporter from NBC news, was the only journalist  invited to touch and photograph the document. Of course, he picked the most liberal news agency to check out the document, which only fueled the fire.

Investigations: During the 2012 presidential campaign, Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Arizona launched his own investigation into the birth certificate issue. He took the pdf file from the White House website to a document expert from the UK.

The expert had this to say: “The “birth certificate” on the White House website is a fake because, if opened in Adobe Illustrator, it separates itself into nine (9) layers, and the three date-stamps and the registrar’s signature stamp area are each on separate layers. This could not have happened if the document had been scanned directly from an original held in a bound volume. The document has been constructed step by step.” The Sheriff also revealed that Obama’s social security number is bogus- it is a Connecticut number which comes back to a relative of Michelle Obama named Harrison J. Bounel. Another issue brought up was that the scholarship Obama applied for and received was given only to foreign students. It has been a dead-end trail of continual revelations, all left at the altar of rejection.

Lawsuits: the US Supreme Court moved the latest lawsuit by Attorney Orly Taitz to oral arguments in February of 2013. It was a refiled document that had been earlier rejected for consideration by the Justice Kennedy in 2012. Ms. Taitz literally cornered Chief Justice Roberts at a conference in Boise, Idaho and thrust the file in his hand, demanding that the court review it. Of course, even though it moved through as far as “oral arguments,” the court still refused to hear it before the entire panel of judges. So ultimately, why would they hear the case? After so many years as President, even if it came out as truth, the country would be thrown into a tailspin if a sitting President were de-frocked. Not that we aren’t in a tail spin already.

Statements by foreign officials: Apparently foreign officials in Kenya don’t know how to keep it quiet about the President’s birthplace, as they continually brag about him being born there. One official even stated that Kenya was going to build a monument to him at his birthplace.  At least we know why he hasn’t tried to shut them up about that- it’s a narcissist’s dream to have his very own monument.

Barack Obama refuses the openness he once claimed to espouse. His administration has held more lies, cover-ups, and scandals than any other President since Richard Nixon. He shrouds his past in secrecy, fueling claims that may or may not be true. He polarizes the nation by taking actions that divide people by race, by religion, and creed. Attorney Larry Klayman recently told TPMLiveWire that the American people should “go to Washington, D.C., stand in front of the White House and demand that Obama ‘put the Quran down, get up off your knees and come out with your hands up!’” Anger is building in our nation because Obama is most certainly not an American, regardless of his birthplace.