OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALooks like another dirty tricks by Indian Administrators to revenge Baba’s fight to end corruption.

Heathrow immigration indicate that there was an invisible  notation in Baba Ramdev’s passport, visible only by computer scanners,

It is this which prompted a Red Alert Alarm.

Apparently, such red alerts signify terror alert or a drug warlord.

This what led to his eight hour detention at London Heathrow Airport.

On arrival he was asked to report to the authorities the following day at 2 pm, exactly when the Vivekananda 150th anniversary conference was scheduled to commence. A decision had been evidently taken to deport him on a 3.15pm by Air India flight back to India .

The organizer of the of the events became suspicious when he did not emerge from the Immigration  where according to information he was detained under suspicion of being a terrorist.

Meera the Labour MP for Hounslow East London summoned the Rt. Hon. Keith Vas labour MP who is Chair of the Home Office Select Committee. It took him eight hours to get matter resolved. It is reported that Keith Vas MP spoke to many responsible individuals, including the Home Office Secretary at the Prime Minister Office.

Mr Vaz demanded the  postponement of the immigration interview with Baba Ramdev to 4pm because he knew there was a 3.15pm Indian Airline  flight on which Baba Ramdev might be expelled from the UK .

Labour MPs who helped were at Brighton in UK for the Annual Conference  but rushed from there to help.

Subsequently  Baba Ramdev was released. Baba Ram Dev was extended an invitation by the MPs to their residence for discussion on the issue.

The immigration office doors, previously was firmly shut to Baba Ramdev’s supporters, including lawyers, was immediately opened. Vaz unceremoniously demanded the instant return to Baba Ramdev’s of his passport as well as all his seized leaflets and personal diary, which happened within 5 minutes. UK immigration also granted a 2-year multiple entry Visa to Baba Ramdev on its own initiative.

It is reported that Baba Ramdev was to  meet by Jesse Jaskson at the Airport in the US because of concerns how US immigration would also react to the alert in his passport and wherether such precedented help would be forthcoming in the USA.

Baba Ramdev said on live TV, that, he was carrying a book which had the names and records of black money stashed in Swiss and other off-shore Bank A/c including branches in UK , which is estimated to be in the region of $1.6 trillions. He said it is  a well-known fact, that, smt. antonia maino sonia gandhi and his son rahul (Raul Ninci) GANDHI  together it is reported they have over $20 to $30 billions BLACK MONEY stashed and spread throughout the world but mostly in Swiss and Itallian A/cs allegedly with branches in London.

The Daily Mail in London which has a long history of fighting corruptions is very much interested in this matter.

I wonder if they can or their investigator  could carry out an thorough investigation as for the real reasons of Baba Ramdev’s detention.