Clip_26Roedad Khan is at the tail-end of his life. He enjoyed prestigious positions in Pakistan. But it appears that he always wanted more.

One proof of this is that he in his article in the daily Dawn titled `Where, if not at the Summit?‘ published on July 12, 2001 compared General Musharraf’s trip to Agra as man’s first step on the moon. This is what he said in the introductory paragraph:

`When President Musharraf flies to Delhi on July 14 in search of peace and freedom for the people of Kashmir, some would compare the event with Neil Armstrong’s `one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind’ on the moon. And when he shakes hands with PM Vajpayee, others would draw a parallel with the fall of the Berlin Wall, Neither comparison is quite right, yet both contain elements of truth. President Musharraf’s trip to what seems to most Pakistanis an alien world may prove to be just the start of a long journey whose end nobody knows.’

The above is fine and Roedad Khan has the right to say whatever he likes. However, when President Musharraf did not give him any position and did not induct him into the Cabinet, he started opposing him and became a savior of the Chief Justice and suddenly discovered independence of judiciary.

He then aligned with ANP.

He should simply retire and concentrate on gardening and bird-watching.

The nation cannot forget his involvement in the execution of ZA Bhutto as he was the interior secretary when he was hanged and he did not have the courage to resign.