IMG_0704The Additional Solicitor General Indira Jaising, in a lead, front-paged, article in theIndian Express revealed details from the affidavit filed by the law intern, who had accused ex-SC judge A.K Ganguly of sexual harassment, in front of a court-appointed panel.  Ms Jaising wrote:

The intern gave her statement to the committee, provided the affidavits of witnesses to whom she spoke immediately after the incident, gave all the mobile phone numbers of witnesses and of Justice Ganguly, and stood by her statement. Justice Ganguly was also called and his statement was video recorded. Apart from denying the allegations, he said the new law of 2013 making sexual harassment an offence did not apply to him as the alleged incident was of 2012, forgetting that outraging the modesty of a woman was always an offence, a law under which K P S Gill was prosecuted successfully by Rupan Deol Bajaj.

…Justice Ganguly continues to hide behind the presumption of innocence and to get vocal support from powerful members of the judicial and legal fraternity since the details of the incident are not in the public domain. It is in these circumstances that I am compelled to make public the details of the incident as outlined in the victim’s sworn affidavit before the Supreme Court committee, which the three-judge committee found prime facie to be established.

Since then, the affidavit has also become available in the public domain, with the complainant law intern’s explicit consent.