Two sons of General Asad Umer Famous for his Involvement in East Pakistan Breakup as IB Bureau chief as Right Hand man of General Yahya Khan are sitting in Privatization commission as all in all deciding the fate of Pakistan Hard Earned Assets built with loan’s from IMF and World bank worth Multi Bullions for whom we are still paying Monthly Installments and would be paying for next 50 Years as well in form of Inflation.


It speaks of involvement of agents of World Bank and IMF as they are on payroll of American companies. 

Zubair Umer Gave an interview yesterday claiming that PTI is onboard with PMLN in selling PESCO to anybody.

This is foolish as PESCO has two components PESCO and TESCO. The theft and losses of PESCO is because of TESCO, (tribal electric supply company) as all seven agencies of FATA as well six PATA agencies along with six FR areas are all dependent on PESCO. TESCO is not separate from PESCO as it has the same hardware and machinery physically impossible to separate.

Since 1947 , tribals have been promised free electricity as part of Constitution and Quaide Azam as policy.

Since population of KPK is 15% of Pakistan which pay Bills only except in 6PATA and 6 FR regions making it roughly 10% of Population as we Minus FR Areas.

While the seven FATA agencies 10% of Pakistan Population are promised Free Electricity by Quaid I Azam to Present Nawaz Shareef as a Policy and in Current Budget 12-15 Bullion Rupees were allotted to FATA secretariat Islamabad ruling FATA for Free Electricity that had to be Paid to PESCO+TESCO.

So this Punjabi leader Asad Umar of PML-n and his brother Zubair Umer PTI are not competent and qualified enough to understand these  details as they are not sons of the soil and have no empathy for Pashtuns.

Same is Chief Minister Pervaiz Khattak who is not even in Power as whole Province is run by Jehangir Tareen of South Punjab and the chief Secretary KPK.

It is difficult to privatize this Puzzle called PESCO+TESCO without changing 6FR areas, FATA and PATA areas by abolishing Article 247 of constitution or we are facing a disaster far bigger then KESC in years time because of incompetent PTI we voted and Incompetent PMLN and its stupid Policies that can lead to break up of Pakistan .