230903_199737530070178_100001017979041_519915_1820072_nThe passing of the Hazara Province resolution is illegal as it doesn’t represent all the citizens of Pakhtunkwa, violating equal representation of Pashtuns who also live in Hazara division.

First the Provincial Assembly doesn’t represent 6 FR regions 1.5 crore people of Pakhtunkwa and those of FATA making a farced minority of Pashtuns without equal representation.

Secondly, an amendment to Article 247 of Constitution is required first, enabling equal representatives of Pashtuns before a new Province resolution is considered legal.

Dividing Pashtuns and their lands without 1.5 – 4 crore people of FR regions and FATA consent is fraud of equal representation and denying rights of Pashtuns and enforcing minority will on majority.

Lord Curzon’s 1900 laws, are part of the Constitution via Article 247, being illegal, and is enforced by the Punjabi leadership violating Article 8 the fundamental rights.

Thirdly, no political representation or association is guaranteed to the  6 FRs and 7 FATA Pashtun areas. Neither 7 FATA Agencies + 6 Fr Aras inside KP have been asked or represented in this decision.

Fourthly, a minority Hazara population (misnomer as they are not Chinese Hazara)  is being given a Province and majority Pashtuns are denied fundamental human rights.

Fifthly, Pashtuns have no freedom of expression as they are subjugated by bureaucrats of Punjabi establishment.

Hazara Chinese Province is  highly challengeable as No Freedom of Speech and exist for almost 60% of Pashtuns Population of Pakhtunkwa and 6FR regions and 100% Population of FATA. While Hazara are actually Afghans (Uzbek Mughals or Tajiks Turks).

Discrimination against one ethnic race is discriminatory. Lord Curzon made Pashtuns a minority in their own Province while minority Hazaras  are being granted a Province.

Almost 2 crore plus Pashtuns Khattak, Yousafzai who lived East of North to South near Indus river became Punjabis in one day. In the same way, Pashtuns of Hazara division would become Chinese Hazara.

Imran Khan is taking revenge from the Pakhtuns after he lost his culture and neither speaks Pashtun nor  is technically a Pashtun. He is passing laws in KP that harm the interests and rights of Pashtuns.