Agrasen ki Baoli DelhiAgrasen ki Baoli is located in Delhi. It is a 14th century Baoli which was constructed by Maharja Agrasen. Now completely dry, it is once said to have been filled with black water which asked the people to commit suicide. The water is believed to have had hypnotized people and drove them to death.

Jamali-Kamali Masjid DelhiJamali-Kamali Masjid is also located in Delhi at the Mehrauli Archaeological Complex. It is believed to be an abode of djinns. Jamali and Kamali were sixteenth century Sufi saints who were buried in the tomb. People also complain of nightmares and strange experiences after visiting this place.

Raj Kiran Hotel BombayRaj Kiran Hotel in Bombay has a room on the ground floor which is the center of paranormal activities. Those who stay in this room are forced to wake in the middle of the night and when they wake up they see bright blue light on their feet. Some people even feel that someone in the room is pulling their bed sheet.

The Lambi Dehar mines MussoorieThe Lambi Dehar mines are located on the outskirts of Mussoorie. These quarry mines, now deserted, in the early 1890s had an accident when 50,000 workers died here. The houses are abandoned and the entire area has a very scary feel.