Clip_111Is tobacco one of the healthiest things for you?

“It’s tobacco, it’s one of the healthiest things for your body.” – Dr. Orva, Woody Allen’sSleeper.

Before you stone me with goji berries and golden flaxseed, let me posit.

At some point, moderate amounts of natural tobacco or nicotine will eventually be shown to be healthy for most people.

With the exception of a occasional cigar (2 or 3 a year), I am not a smoker and find the smell of cigarette smoke offensive, but I am basing my theory on two things: Most of what we believe today is wrong, and people have been using natural tobacco for thousands of years.

Moderate amounts of caffeine, chocolate and alcohol were, until recently, known to be “poisonous” but are now, when done properly.

Traditional Native American societies used tobacco for wisdom insight, sociality,healing and increased mental clarity and stamina.

Nicotine dilates blood vessels and may prove to be as effective as half an aspirin a day.

Scientific studies are finding that nicotine may help people with Alzheimer’s disease, so says The National Health Museum, that includes Sen. Dianne Feinstein on its board.

Let me be clear. I’m not advocating 3 packs of Winstons a day to feel fresh and renewed or even one Winston. The stuff in most cigarettes is as far away from tobacco as you can get and still call it tobacco.

I’m talking about organically grown, naturally cured, small amounts of tobacco, the way they used to do it.

But where drinking a bottle of wine a day will overwhelm any health benefits, a glass a day or every other day is now considered one  of  10 miracle foods, So too nature’s tobacco?

Most of the ill effects of tobacco in my opinion, come from the horrendous Frankensteinian-ization it undergoes by the tobacco industry as they “improve” the product with chemicals and god-knows-what, as well as the paper most tobacco smoke is wrapped in.

Let your instinct be your guide. In my wellness experience, with most things:

Nature good, human “improvements” bad (snake poison and hemlock excepted).

That is, if the natural state of something is healthy, humans’ interference with it usually spells health disaster).

For great anti-oxidant power you can always go for some kimchi.