I can look at you in peace as I dont eat you anymoreA new study by CSE’s Pollution Monitoring Laboratory found residues of antibiotics in 40 per cent of the samples of chicken that it tested. These samples were all picked up from markets in Delhi-NCR. It goes without saying that the state of chicken in Pakistan will be no different if not worst.

What’s more worrying is that fact that antibiotics are used rampantly by the poultry industry, and this might be linked to the growing cases of antibiotic resistance in human beings.

The study was released in a press conference in Delhi on July 30. As expected, the media jumped on the story, and as it continues to run riot over it, there is action brewing elsewhere.

The Indian Medical Association (IMA) has taken a serious view of the findings: it has recognised what it calls the ‘strong links’ between antibiotic misuse/overuse in chickens and the growing resistance in humans, and has demanded a ban on antibiotics for growth promotion and mass disease prevention. The Association is meeting again this week to discuss
the issue.

At the official end, the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has agreed to review the regulatory gaps, while state food commissioners have consented to begin surveillance to cap the menace. Kerala’s joint food safety commissioner has reportedly said that the FSSAI has asked all states to monitor antibiotic residues in chicken following the CSE report.