Clip_202During the three days of Eid holidays about three dozens people were drowned at the beaches of Karachi, the majority drowned at a beach run by Military, its commercial outlets and Clifton Cantonment.

Four persons drowned at two different beaches that were under the city government.

The Sea View Beach (SVB) is directly under the control of Defence Housing Authority (DHA) and Clifton Cantonment Board (CCB).

The DHA is the housing society project of armed forces of Pakistan which has its own laws and constitution that are treated as superior to Pakistan’s constitution. The DHA and CCB are run by military officers.

The DHA has illegally taken over the control of long strip of SVB and reclaiming the sea land without lawful authority.

The huge commercial activities are going on the thousands of acres of illegally occupied land of beach at SVB. The income of commercial activities goes directly to army owned commercial organisations and while the taxes imposed by metropolitan corporations or provincial government of Sindh are not paid; the DHA and CCB run their areas as a parallel state.

The vendors who are licensed by the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation are also not allowed to get business from visitors until they get license from the DHA and CCB.

Under these commercial activities the DHA has not made any arrangement to stop the people going to beaches to swim. Section 144 of CRPC was imposed since June, but the DHA, in its arrogance, ignored the law and sped up its business during the Eid holidays.

To date, 26 bodies, mostly younger persons, were recovered from SVB and two bodies from other beaches were recovered, thanks to the sea, which is washing the bodies back on the land, all the other efforts of Pakistan Army and Pakistan Navy have proved to be wasted.

It is also learned that the Commissioner of Karachi district was forced to accept the responsibility of negligence of what the civil administration cannot operate in the military land.