Clip_5On 8th August 1988, thousands were massacred, many of them students, who had been protesting for democracy in Burma. The Burmese soldiers opened fire on the protestors, and in the following weeks at least 3,000 people were killed. There has never been a full investigation into the massacre.

The current Burmese President Thein Sein played an important role in crushing the uprising in 1988.

Burma’s Information Minister Ye Htut said that Thein Sein was in Kale, not Rangoon in 1988. However, this misses the point. The crackdown took place all over Burma. The question remains as to what role Thein Sein played at this time.

If there is nothing to hide, why won’t they publish his military record?

President Thein Sein has always denied that the Burmese Army has committed any human rights violations. They don’t want to release military records of the President and ministers because they have been involved in human rights abuses which violate international law.

Justice and accountability are their greatest fears – that is why they are so angry that people are asking these questions.