Clip_2If Imran Khan’s civil disobedience means refusing tax payment then Khyber-Pakhtoonkwa Assembly has already been observing it.

The directory of lawmakers indicates that KP MPAs top in tax default throughout Pakistan.

KP Assembly has 124 members of whom 27 (21.77%) are tax defaulters.

Another 61 (62.88%) MPAs were too ‘poor’ to pay a penny in income tax.

The provincial assembly’s speaker Asad Qaisar, minister for public health engineering Shah Farman, CM’s special assistant Sooran Singh are among prominent zero taxpayers in KP, according to the tax directory released by FBR in February 2014.

As many as 474 parliamentarians and three senators, 110 MNAs and 361 MPAs of all four provincial assemblies, including some cabinet members of the Nawaz Sharif government, are non-tax payers in the list published by the FBR.

On February 28, 2014, the FBR published its document about the taxpayers by the name of “Parliamentarian Tax Directory” after getting consent of Federal Finance Minister Senator Mohammad Ishaq Dar.

According to the document, all of the members of the Senate, National Assembly, Punjab Assembly, Sindh Assembly, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly, and Balochistan Assembly have obtained their NTN (National Taxpayer Number) and unfortunately, out of total 1,172 parliamentarians only 1,127 filed their ITR (Income Tax Returns) for the fiscal year ended 30th June 2013.

According to the document, 3 senators, 110 MNAs, 134 male legislators, 45 female lawmakers and 2 minority members of the Punjab Assembly, 43 members including 6 female and 2 minority lawmakers of the Balochistan Assembly, 56 male, 19 female legislators and 3 minority members of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly, and 35 male, 22 female and 4 minority members of the Sindh Assembly who declared that they had not paid any single penny in the head of taxpayers.

Anyhow, of the parliamentarians who filed their ITR, as many as 474 declared in their tax returns as non-tax payers showing their income tax returns as “Nill” in the list.

Under articles 62 and 63 of the Constitution, defaulters are not eligible to become parliamentarians and some of the protesting opposition parties, especially PTI, and PAT of Dr Tahirul Qadri are also raising question over the eligibility of the sitting parliaments on the same constitutional grounds in the claims.

Likewise, PTI president Makhdoom Javed Hashmi, Murad Saeed and Sheheryar Afridi and Ayesha Gulalai filed zero tax return.

In 2012 PTI had 34 non-taxpaying MPAs.

The tax directory of lawmakers for 2013 revealed that out of a total of 1052 lawmakers majority of tax defaulters are in KP followed by Senate, Sindh Assembly, National Assembly, Balochistan Assembly and Punjab Assembly respectively.

Balochistan Assembly leads with majority of zero tax-filers closely followed by KP Assembly, Punjab Assembly, Sindh Assembly, National Assembly and Senate respectively.