Clip_49Fauzia Ansari, mother of Indian national Nehal Hamid Ansari who is currently missing in Pakistan, has appealed to Indian Premier Narendra Modi to intervene and secure her son’s release.

Ansari who went missing in the northwestern Pakistani district of Kohat in 2012 was taken away by personnel of intelligence agencies from a police station before his mysterious disappearance, police personnel had told the Peshawar High Court in September.

When Nehal was first arrested, he was shifted to the Kohat Development Authority police station for interrogation. However, the investigation officer at the time had insisted that personnel of intelligence agencies took the Indian national away after the police quizzed him and his whereabouts have not been known since.

The PHC has been hearing a petition on his disappearance filed by Fauzia.

Fauzia has also applied for a visa to visit Pakistan, is also likely to approach the Indian Supreme Court over her son’s disappearance.

In a letter written to the Indian premier in Hindi, Fauzia invoked the special relationship Narendra Modi shares with his mother and said that not knowing whether her missing son was alive was a source of immense suffering.

“I plead before you with tears in my eyes and a bleeding heart to locate my son, a 28-year-old IT engineer and MBA holder — an Indian citizen — who is missing in Pakistan since November 2012,” Fauzia’s letter said.

“He is a well-educated, promising youth who believes in the ideals of patriotism and in the concept of ‘Vasudhaiva kutumbakam’ (the world is my family),” the letter says.