219399_10150183312427016_706637015_7327975_231969_oSince I accompanied Ayub Khan as his Naval ADC, allow me the following for knowledge.

We traveled by PIA commercial flight which proceeded on schedule with full load of passengers.

Ayub Khan shook hand with every passenger once flight was air borne.

President shared toilet with other first class passengers and no one was offloaded for any reason.

For transit stop at London (both ways) President stayed with High Commissioner and I roughed it out in small room next door.

There were only about a dozen people in the official delegation including one lady (daughter Nasim Aurangzeb). No maids. She helped herself with borrowed iron from hotel.

There was one batman (Havaldar Abdus Salam) and because of language problem I mostly helped him out.

For short trips outside Washington needing change of dress etc , the President helped himself, politely asking for my assistance if required

Anybody taking spouse in delegation was required to pay out of his own pocket. 

Strict “Code of Conduct” was expected from Delegation Members including Personal Staff.

During one such visit a VIP was sent back to Pakistan by next flight because he overslept.

Though unbelievable , yet it is true that President never went for shopping.

Some ties and shirts were purchased by personal staff from his personal account. During my tenure at least shopping for President never exceeded couple of hundred Pounds.

Offices of ADCs and their living quarters were not air conditioned as we were not entitled as per our ranks.

Now compare this with the Royal style of our rulers since 1972…