Clip_3Fridays have become dreadful in Pakistan, as almost each Friday, some mosque is attacked. Despite this, the faithful continue to go to mosques, particularly on Fridays. However, the police is scared and runs away at the sight of the terrorists in most of the cases. The Army takes a back seat, mostly indulging in advisory role.

Isn’t it about time that the federal and provincial governments and the security and intelligence agencies pull their act together rather than passing the blame for these continuous massacres of Shias in the country, and show responsibility in fulfilling their obligation to protect people’s lives.

In the aftermath of these terrible attacks on the Shia mosques and many a times Christian places of worship, question needs to be asked if the killers of our people are to be brought to justice or stopped from striking again.

Wishing that the massacres should not happen, or adopting resolutions of condemnation is neither going to lessen the pain of victims’ families nor prevent further attacks by terrorists.

While provision of aircraft to move the critically injured to better medical facilities is important, in the larger scheme of things that is almost irrelevant. Better strategies and implementation must prevent attacks, not merely try and make transportation of the injured more efficient. The consistent failure to apprehend the perpetrators aggravates the grievance of the people. They expect the members of the government to be going after the perpetrators, rather than after one another.

The general public sentiment has vocally opposed all manifestations of terrorism and there has been a lot of support for action against terrorists operating under any garb. How that support is used now remains the question. The desired course would be to go after the perpetrators with the commitment that appears in rhetoric after every act of terror but does not seem to materilise in much more thereafter.

It is imperative that the people are informed about what became of the national action plan against terrorism and whether anybody is looking after implementation at all. The brutal killings are a failure for policing, intelligence and security forces in varying degrees. Political point scoring and trying to find scapegoats is not going to help in any way. Sharing the precise vision for dealing with this onslaught and a specific timeframe to implement that is urgently needed.