Clip_40In a jibe at Pakistan, the European Parliament issued a declaration explicitly expressing its concern over the misuse of European Union funds in the name of counter terror measures and misusing the same to aid the terror outfits.

The EP declaration titled funneling of EU aid to terrorist organizations, said that EU funds are a vital resource for agreed common foreign and aid policy objectives. Particularly in times of economic stringency and heightened security concern, it is important to ensure that EU funds are not wasted or abused.

This would be the case if EU funds were being channeled, deliberately or by neglect, to terrorist organizations by Pakistani Government. The declaration also called upon the European Commission to freeze or reduce funding until the necessary checks and control measures have been put in place especially on Pakistan.

The declaration reinforces the position that some states, notably Pakistan, have been misusing the Western aid – both by US and EU – to sponsor terror networks for strategic gains. It is a welcome step by the European Parliament and hopefully will start a process whereby accountability for aid will have to be provided by the recipients.