285568_1671442805290_1813986423_1114262_6164805_n-Cuba rejects plans for first mosque.

-The African nation of Angola has officially become the first country to ban Islam.

-Record number of Muslims deported from Norway last as a way of fighting crime.

-Japan is the only nation that does not give citizenship to Muslims.

-In Germany alone in the last year, 81 attacks targeting mosques.

-Austrian police arrested 13 men targeting suspected jihad recruiters.

-A Chinese court sends 22 Muslim Imams to jail for 5 to 16 years for spreading hatred.

-China has executed eight jihadists, China’s campaign against separatism and Australia government plans to broaden the listing criteria for terrorist organizations, lower the threshold for arrest without warrant for terrorism offences.

-British jihadists Home Secretary prepares to introduce ‘anti-social behavior order’ for extremists and strip dual nationals of their citizenship.

-Czech Republic don’t want Islam in their country.
-Muslim prayers banned in government buildings, schools in Xinjiang.

Alabama A new controversial amendment that will ban the recognition of “foreign laws”—which would include sharia law.

-The Polish Defense League issues a warning to Muslims.

16 States Have All Introduced Legislation to Ban Shariah Law.

-Some Muslims in Northern Ireland have announced plans to leave the country to avoid anti-Islamic violence. The announcement comes after an attack on a Muslim family in the city of Belfast, when rioters broke into their home and assaulted them.

-North Carolina Bans Islamic “Sharia Law” in the State.

-Dutch MP calls for removal of all mosques in Netherlands. Member of Dutch Parliament: “We want to clean Netherlands of Islam”. Dutch MP Machiel De Graaf spoke on behalf of the Party for Freedom “all mosques in the Netherlands should be shut down”. Without Islam, the Netherlands would be a wonderful country, says Dutch politician Machiel de Graaf with the PVV party to the Dutch Parliament.