Clip_2The role of the Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) in eradicating corruption and the norm of paying commissions in all the engineering based Government departments has miserably failed.

Since the enactment of PEC Act 1976, the PEC has not punished any of the engineers of mega projects registered with PEC on the basis of corruption, nepotism and for taking commission on each and every bills of the contractors.

Every member of the society and contractors knows that the total commission ranging from overseer, SDO and executive engineer comes in between 10 to 12 percent of the contractors bill amount whereas the Cantonment Executive Officer, who is non-engineer is taking 10 percent commission alone from the contractors. The PEC has closed its eyes and has taken no action against the corruption of the engineers and executive officers so far.

Elections of PEC are held after every three years and the coming PEC elections are scheduled for June 14, 2015. The engineers who contest the PEC Elections always speak too much about corruption and commission and also promise the young graduate engineers for good employments but after winning the elections, the office bearers of the PEC forget each and every promise just like politicians do.

The PEC has a fund of more than one billion but it has never been spent on the welfare of the engineer’s, contractors or on the staff of PEC. The huge funds of PEC are always being spent on the lavish tours and on the other expenditures of the office bearers of the PEC.