Clip_234The media has reported that a reference has been filed against the Chief Justice of the Islamabad High Court, Mr Justice Muhammad Anwar Khan Kasi, stating that he does not write most of his judgments but get them written by others, mostly by his private secretary Mohammad Sohail.

This is a sad and serious allegation.

If this fact is known to the other judges of the Islamabad High Court and members of the Supreme Court and no action is being taken then it is even more sad and amounts to abetment.

And if they have not heard of this fact which is known to almost all the lawyers of Islamabad then it is also sad and alarming.

Even if this is true to the extent of one judgment, this calls for immediate removal of the Chief Justice.

There are rumors that the Chief Justice may be resigning in January 2016. However, it is not understandable as to why time is being given to him when serious allegations are being leveled against him, and many references have been pending against him. The silence is stiffening.