A new SRO issued by Federal Board of Revenue has said that NADRA issued CNIC numbers will become NTN (National Tax Number) for all Pakistanis and anyone submitting tax returns can use his/her CNIC in place of NTN numbers. This is common sense and should have been done a long time ago. But Pakistani rulers and authorities realize things at their own pace.

To eliminate the need of NTN for submitting returns, SRO said that any Pakistani holding a CNIC can submit his/her tax returns with CNIC number in place of NTN.

However, a simpler e-enrollment will be required to submit additional tax-related details that are usually not present on CNIC. This e-enrollment will be considered as registration of the individual and once done a person will be considered a tax filler.

FBR said that such e-enrollment is mandatory for every Pakistani, including companies, sole proprietorship, partnership firms, association of person and foreign nationals.

In order to submit tax returns, e-enrollment for CNIC card holders can be done on FBR’s website.

Not to be mentioned, all those individuals who don’t own computerized CNIC cards will have to go through NTN registration process for submitting their returns.