Clip_72Imran Khan has said he will submit to a blood test in his native Pakistan to settle a dispute over the paternity of a 5-year-old Southern California girl.

Los Angeles Superior Court Commissioner Anthony Jones ruled that Khan is the legal father of his ex-lover’s child. He issued the default judgment after Khan refused to take a paternity test and his attorneys failed to show up for the court proceeding.

The paternity suit was filed by Sita White, of Beverly Hills, on behalf of her daughter, Tyrian Jade.

In a statement issued in London, Imran Khan, who led Pakistan to World Cup fame in 1992, said “it is simply not possible for me to travel the world fighting court cases in every country.”

As I do not live in California or in England, my response is to welcome Sita White to Pakistan where I live. And I would more than welcome the opportunity to present my side of the story in a Pakistani court, rather than conducting an undignified trial by media,” he said.

I will of course be prepared to submit to a blood test in Pakistan and will fully stand by the decision of the competent Pakistani courts,” Khan said.

In 1995, Khan married Jemima Goldsmith, daughter of the late billionaire Anglo-French entrepreneur Sir James Goldsmith. They have two sons but later got divorced.

Sita White, daughter of the late millionaire British industrialist Lord Gordon White, had a relationship with Khan in 1987 and 1988, said her attorney, Gloria Allred.