Clip_24‘Imam’ has been a term for the Muslim community to look up to, who solemnly vows to lead them on a path towards faith, peace, Allah and more. They are supposed to be exemplary mortal beings who are just and fair while rendering services and also interpret the Quran—the word of the lord to the commoners.

Imam’s that serve as a model and guide for the community to follow, making it essential for the Imam’s to be free of any sort of sin or error for that matter, setting an example out of their lives, to be truly ‘infallible’.

Though Sunni branch of Muslims do not adhere to the sense with which Shia Muslims revere or accept Imams but they both do have Imams. And in the world where people are desperately looking for a higher being to alleviate them from all their miseries and sorrow, it is these Imams (believed to have been appointed by God himself) serving as a connector to ‘Allah’ in their religion who leads their path towards devotion, kindness and faith bringing them closer to that higher power.

Every sector in Pakistan has an Imam to accompany their fellow beings in their times of need, whose duty also calls for him to look after all the internal and external affairs of that particular sector he is aligned with, but with all due respect to Allah and within limits of His Apostle.

Clip_17Similarly PIA also has an Imam appointed for purposes and duties that all Imams are bound to follow. His major role is to preach the messages of Allah to the people he comes by spreading spiritual awareness. But what has been shocking is that instead of him abiding by his duties he has been reported to have been travelling all over the world setting aside his responsibilities.

He has been at major fault here as being an Imam he is supposed to be above all worldly desires and inclinations, and despite of him having vowed to be an Imam he has failed to deliver not only his duty by living off of tax payers money stripping everything that makes the word ‘Imam’ meaningful, but has also brought upon shame and disgrace for PIA.

PIA, which is an airline has been known for its role in the success of Pakistan and has been a source of pride and prestige for both its people and the nation collectively. The PIA Imam has also brought shame on every Imam that the Muslim community has in the past – his predecessors, choosing to live an extravagant life, going off to luxurious vacations in US and Europe.

There have been times when he has failed to even show up for long period of time in his country, maximum being for a whole period of 9 months in the year 2015. NDT also interviewed some PIA officials and they mentioned that at numerous times, the absence of chief Imam troubles them as they had to go to other mosques. A country which is never out of controversies, and has more problems than one can imagine to solve or bring out a solution, ‘an Imam – a messenger’ of Allah is least of all beings who is expected to add on to more troubles for his own motherland.

PIA Imam has not only failed to stand for the designation he was duly given but has majorly disappointed the nation and its people, who in their times of distress look forward to a figure believed to be closest to Allah. However, in their religious scriptures an Imam does not enjoy unlimited powers, who can go on abusing his authority and rights. The Quran dictates that if an Imam deteriorates from his expected morals and duties, he is supposed to be immediately relieved of his duties and longer be able to exercise his power. His licence is to be revoked without delay upon his charges being proved. So, in hopes of these just rules Pakistan populace remains calm to see the guilty being punished and served right for his incompetence.