img_9834There are 300,000 mosques in India. No other country in the world has these many mosques.

There are only 24 Churches in Washington. 71 Churches in London. There are 68 Churches in the city of Milan in Italy. While in Delhi alone there are 271 churches.

And you call a Hindu communal.

Further I have not come across an Indian Muslim opposing ISIS. But we have millions of Hindus who are opposing views of RSS.

I have not seen any Muslim holding party on Holi or Diwali festivals for Hindus, but have seen Hindus holding iftar for Muslims during Ramadan.

I saw Indian flags being burnt in Kashmir by Indian Muslims. But never saw an Indian Muslim burning a Pakistan flag.

I have seen Hindus wearing topis and visiting Mazars. But I have neither seen nor heard an Indian Muslim applying tilak on his forehead and visiting temples.

India is home to 197 religions and faiths and there has no problem with any except Muslims.

India is the only country in the world which is home to 51 different Islamic faiths (not even a single Muslim nation can claim this).